Hey Guys its the Chicken, last time i talked about precision weapons and there always present dominance...well today its the other end of the spectrum...i got to thinking throughout the series Halo has had only one uber close rannge weapon(the sword and hmmer dont count so dont bring it up in the comments without very good reason) besides the mauler which was luke warm unless dual wielded,UNTIL NOW enter the Scattershot. which looks to me like a clone of the Shotgun 'cept better.(better range, damage, semi-auto, and cool disentigrating effect)...this is a problem...the shotgun is my favorite its authority is challenged...i dont like it...i mean i want another shotgun like weapon i jnust want it to be balanced not one reigning over the other (im reminded of the Sniper supposed to dominate long range, the BR and Carbine covering mid range, and the AR and shotty gettin close range when in reality the BR dominated everything and the shotty held its on in close range but for that go to the previous blog)

please leave your thoughts in the comments