Ok ive just joined but im a Halo fanatic and ive come up with some possibilities for the Halo4 storyline now ive come up with two possibilities her

1. the traditional method the Covenant or what used to be the Covenant well just cal them the elites they swoop down onto the planet doing what else but screwin with forerunner stuff so they release something-Didact maybe and all heck breaks loose and we (Chief, Cortana, and the infinity) has to fix it

2. the complete and total opposite we release the Didact intentionally or by accident and we work with him to stop the Precursor(s) and the Covenant having made a 360 and allied with the Precursor(s) try to stop us

now i belive the first on most as the prometheons are tryin to kill us and it wouldn't make since for 343 to make these new foes just to make nice thank you for listening