Hey guys its the Chicken....well we've made less in just over 24 hours (for me time zones suck) The great majestic creation that we've struggled with exictement and impatience for these many months will come to fruition....On Nov. 6th Halo 4 will drop and we will hold in our hands the greatest game in Xbox...Console...and all other less worthy (PC) mediums history.....except me because i got the LC edition from the Microsoft store i will not get the game until at least the 9th due to the horrible thing that is UPS ground shipping so in 24 hours i will have to blackout from all internet and will have to remain off the Wiki as much as it pains me....i am aware of the great effort that the Wiki takes to prevent leaks but once the games hits the information will be posted as it should in order to live all the suprises and twists and moments in their full glory i must say good bye....for now