Hi folks its the Chicken. a few days ago i got to thinking about Halo 4s weapons, i thought wow its has the BR, DMR, Carbine, and now the Light Rifle, while this is great it is also bad. I am a fond user of Automatic Weapons and CQC fighting, lets be honest throughout the series precision weaponry has been KING. Magnum in CE, BR in H2, BR in H3, DMR in Reach, i thought with Halo 4 i might actually get to use my underated, misunderstood, and very very underused Assault Rifle, but how can i with 4 dominant precison weaponry. Halo 3 diehards will use the BR exclusley, and Reach Fans will stick with the DMR, while this is fine, i love both guns and will use them, guns like these DOMINATE multiplayer. please leave your thoughts in the comments.