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July 5, 2012
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  • CrispyChicken17

    With the Chief done kicking ass for the moment and the loss of Cortana (im still not done crying) we must raise the question.....what happens next....instead of my usual rant i will let yall answer it. Please leave your idea on how the story should go on from here....Please only suggest if you have finished Halo 4 and are up to date on all pertinet NOT put down other people and be serious about your suggestion thank you

    Sincerely, The Chicken

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  • CrispyChicken17

    Hey guys its the Chicken....well we've made less in just over 24 hours (for me time zones suck) The great majestic creation that we've struggled with exictement and impatience for these many months will come to fruition....On Nov. 6th Halo 4 will drop and we will hold in our hands the greatest game in Xbox...Console...and all other less worthy (PC) mediums history.....except me because i got the LC edition from the Microsoft store i will not get the game until at least the 9th due to the horrible thing that is UPS ground shipping so in 24 hours i will have to blackout from all internet and will have to remain off the Wiki as much as it pains me....i am aware of the great effort that the Wiki takes to prevent leaks but once the gam…

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  • CrispyChicken17

    Halo 4 Helmets

    October 29, 2012 by CrispyChicken17

    Hey Guys its the Chicken just wanted to know what helmet you guys planned on using and what you think of the Armors in liking Warrior, Soilder, Scout, Recon, War Master, Recruit (my fav yeahi know its default sue me), Air Assault, and finally Vangaurd

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  • CrispyChicken17

    Shotgun Issues

    October 9, 2012 by CrispyChicken17

    Hey Guys its the Chicken, last time i talked about precision weapons and there always present dominance...well today its the other end of the spectrum...i got to thinking throughout the series Halo has had only one uber close rannge weapon(the sword and hmmer dont count so dont bring it up in the comments without very good reason) besides the mauler which was luke warm unless dual wielded,UNTIL NOW enter the Scattershot. which looks to me like a clone of the Shotgun 'cept better.(better range, damage, semi-auto, and cool disentigrating effect)...this is a problem...the shotgun is my favorite its authority is challenged...i dont like it...i mean i want another shotgun like weapon i jnust want it to be balanced not one reigning o…

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  • CrispyChicken17

    Gun Concerns

    October 2, 2012 by CrispyChicken17

    Hi folks its the Chicken. a few days ago i got to thinking about Halo 4s weapons, i thought wow its has the BR, DMR, Carbine, and now the Light Rifle, while this is great it is also bad. I am a fond user of Automatic Weapons and CQC fighting, lets be honest throughout the series precision weaponry has been KING. Magnum in CE, BR in H2, BR in H3, DMR in Reach, i thought with Halo 4 i might actually get to use my underated, misunderstood, and very very underused Assault Rifle, but how can i with 4 dominant precison weaponry. Halo 3 diehards will use the BR exclusley, and Reach Fans will stick with the DMR, while this is fine, i love both guns and will use them, guns like these DOMINATE multiplayer. please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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