I have noticed that the people you put in charge of things, don't have a lot of community involvement in the sense that they don't help out around the WIKI community. Sure, they may help people on the chat, which is helpful, a lot, but some don't even involve themselves of anything on this site outside the chat. They may have, and to quote, "a few extra buttons", (cannot disclose this person) but does that give them the right to NOT help on the wiki?

I mean, what's the point of coming onto a wiki, when all you do is chat away on a chat that was designed for Halo discussions, which i might add none have been discussed that I have seen. When their are social media networks that can do all that and more, and you CAN'T be kick/banned for your opinions, beliefs and for being you. 

Before we, as the community give someone privileges such as kicking or banning, we should considers the following:

  1. Are they competent enough to even see what is going on?
  2. Do they use the actually wiki site, not just as a mode of communication, but also for what it was intended for?
  3. Are they unbiased enough to see what is wrong with the situation that is unfolding before them and act accordingly without getting their feelings, or beliefs in the road?

Plus any other criteria the community might have in regard to this matter. Think long and hard about who is in charge around here, they might not be the best for the job. Heck, I have seen a few people removed for that exact reason.