ok there are theories out there about the HALO universe. and please admins don't delete this post!

Theory #1: ok so theres alot of talk about how the Gravemind survived the Forerunner-Flood War (which takes place 10,000 years or more...or less ago)and there are theories of how the Gravemind had fled the galaxy or something other than that. and yes there are facts that could prove that theory right but i have two possible theories. one is that the Proto-Gravemind had escaped Intallation 05 (or Alpha or whatever HALO it is) by using one of the Covenant Ships, but thanks to Spartan this theory was shot down immediately...thanks alot. the other one is somewhat like that but since the T&R was destroyed maybe the Gravemind from the Forerunner-Flood war had gone dorment within DELTA HALO and had layed there until the Covenant Ship "High Charity" landed and he could then make more flood and had Tooken it and that is what lead up to the "High Charity" into going to wherever it went (don't get on me about not being able to explain everything, i mean i only played HALO3 at a friends house and it was only the first level and since he left it out it got scratched all to high hell!)but anyways this theory has yet to be shot down (thank god! and thank you Spartan!) it's still standing high.

Theory #2: ok there is talk about whatever happened to the Offensive Bias and i have two theories. the first one is that when the Offensive Bias fought the other AI that had joined the Flood Faction, he was damaged. again this theory is shot down thanks to Spartan, but hey i can't help it and i didn't really know what happened in the fight between them. but there is a fact to this, maybe while Offensive Bias was taking apart the other AI the other AI was able to damage a component the Offensive Bias needed to stay functional and non-God like and so one of the Monitors had to shut him down. another one is that after the fight between them the Offensive Bias saw that Penitent Tangent was locked into "Battle Ready" Mode and had himself inserted into the AI to help unlock it and place Penitent Tangent out of "Battle Ready" Mode but had stayed in there for all this time because either A: he didn't know how (most unlikely i know) or B:Penitent Tangent's Programming kept stopping him when he got close and had forced him to start all over again and again (such as a safety program and i know, Offensive Bias should have had the Programming needed to access the other Programs needed to unlock the "Battle Ready" Mode but still, maybe like i said in the fight between him and the other AI he was damaged and he had lost some of the Programing, i mean come on! we don't know EXACTLY what happened between the battle other than the AI was cought off guard by Offensive Bias and tooken Apart piece by piece but hey...maybe there were a few more battles in which the other AI had gotten a few good Hits at Offensive Bias)

Theory#3 ok so i'm beginning to have trouble coming up with theories but i'm still thinking, there is this one crazy theory that Bungie and Microsoft had Placed the number 7 purposely to bring a little "Religion" but noone knows for sure i mean to me, seven's a lucky number and to them it might have been a lucky number and so they placed it in there for luck. and so one guy had over thought it and thought they were talking about the bible. let me disclose this, that person had overthought it and is either a huge Christian or Catholic and thought that the number seven in the game was about the bible and so he started thinking. no offense in fact he had lots of facts backing up his theory and i do to, remember to them the number seven could've been a lucky number (like it is to me and others) and so placed it in there for luck! don't forget to think about that one please!

ok so you've heard my theories and now i'd like to hear your guys' theories regarding either these ones or other matter how ridiculous they are we will never do anything to be mean to you, this Blog is for those with theories that are wanting to post them but don't because they don't feel like it or their just to lazy or maybe both of those things. i'm opened to any all theories so please feel free to either shoot down my theories, help prove them, or make up your own and i am planning on making another theory blog post so if you have any more that you don't wanna post here then you can message them to me and i'll put them in the next Blog i make but thats your decision and i'm not gonna get in the middle of what you guys think. now remember feel free to post any and all your theories either here, some other blog, or mail them to me or keep them to yourselves. Please and thank you. P.S: Admins please don't delete this's not about how to make levels shorter or how to do glitches or any of that, it's just to see what other people think about these theories or a place to place theirs.