As some of you may know the Terminal trailer for Halo 2: Anniversary just released, showing us some footage of the hidden campaign terminals of the game. Based on what we can see, the terminals will follow Thel 'Vadam's past, present and future, offering us a more detailed look on the character. And there are some interesting facts that I wanted to point out and discuss:

1 - Now we know Agent Locke's first name and rank: Lieutenant Commander Jameson Locke;

2 - Sometime before the Great Schism, ONI was interested in the Arbiter's military career, as shown in the first seconds of the trailer; 

3 - Arbiter was known as "The Destroyer" during most of the Human-Covenant war;

4 - A new Covenant air vehicle is seen flying above a city at night;

5 - Arbiter implies that he has done something that may end his friendship with John;

6 - When Thel says that he has done something bad, you can pause the video and see a Marine helmet and some Human corpses floating through space.[1]

And those were pretty much the most relevant scenes that we saw in the video. Please tell me your thoughts and theories about this trailer in the comments.