Most of us (I hope) know what Marines are in Halo. They're poor fighters that die all the time and splatter you with vehicles, right? Well, yes... but they aren't that bad, because if they didn't exist who would be the gunner of your Warthog, and who would spot the enemies that are coming from behind you when you're without energy shields? The Marines do that and a lot more. And as we play through the Halo games we come across some of the coolest M
Halo 3 Marines Wallpaper liofg

Sgt. Reynolds with his Marine Squad.

arines and ODSTs in the Halo Universe.

Some players think of Marines as ammo boxes, as a way to get ammo when you're out of it. Well, this is not my case, because I always try to protect them and I think of them as heroes. I mean, they go into a fight with legions of Covenant knowing they're gonna die, but they just fight until the very end.

Now the whole purpose of this blog is to point out who are the most badass Marines and ODSTs in any Halo game. We know Sgt. Johnson, Sgt. Stacker, Sgt. Reynolds, Buck, Dutch, Chips Dubbo and a lot more.

Who do you think is the coolest?