ReachAA - Sprint

Sprint appeared in Halo: Reach as an Armor Ability, changing the slow and smooth gameplay of the previous Halos to a fast paced one. And then it returned in Halo 4 but this time available to all players, regardless of what Armor Abilities they're using. This decision made by 343 Industries was criticized by many players saying that it made Halo "more like other casual worldwide played shooters". But even the Halo: Reach version of Sprint was disliked by many Halo fans because they loved the original gameplay that had been on for 9 years. Others found it to be an improvement since all of the other games had it, making Halo a more accessible franchise for those who are new to it.

Some players got so used to Sprint that they cannot play older Halos because they don't have Armor Abilities, and some don't play newer Halos because the gameplay has changed so dramatically. So I created this blog to know what do you think about Sprint. Since we all know that Sprint will be featured in the future Halos, do you think it should have never appeared in Halo, or do you prefer Halo with it? Also, what is your favourite type of Sprint: the one in Halo: Reach or the one in Halo 4? Does making Halo more accessible to casual FPS players remove that unique feel it had? Let me know what you think!