In this blog, I wanted to know your opinion on these two Covenant low-ranking infantry: the mighty Grunts and the ferocious Jackals. Wich one do you prefer? Wich one do you consider a better warrior? Wich one do you consider the hardest to kill?

To support your decision here is a list of the pros and cons of the two species:

 - Grunts (Unggoy)


Grunt Minor
  • High-ranking Grunts wield far more powerful weapons than Jackals (Fuel Rod Cannons and Plasma Launchers).
  • Grunts are able to throw Plasma Grenades and can rain hell on the UNSC forces if the Catch Skull is on.
  • Grunts can transport, mount, and use Plasma Cannons during a battle.
  • Suicide Grunts can kill a Spartan or an entire squad of well trained Marines if they aren't aware.
  • Grunts can operate Covenant machinery such as Ghosts, Shade Turrets and Phantom and Wraith Plasma Cannons.
  • Special Ops Grunts can use Cloaking to make themselves invisible.
  • Grunt Ultras wear helmets that makes them less vulnerable to headshots.
  • Grunts breed significantly fast wich allows them to outnumber their oponents in the battle.


  • Grunts are easily taken out by a headshot.
  • Grunts usually panic if their squad leader is killed.
  • Grunts are very prone to teamkill if they are hit when throwing a Plasma Grenade.
  • Grunts tend to sleep when there is no action around them, wich makes them vulnerable to enemy stealth attacks.

  - Jackals (Kig-Yar)


  • Jackals use shields that protect them from small arms fire.
    H3 Jackal Minor
  • Jackal Marksmen can use long range weapons such as Beam Rifles and Carbines, wich makes them better than Grunts at long distances.
  • Jackal Marksmen dispose of a HUD scope in their eye, providing better accuracy.
  • Jackals are fast and agile, making them excellent scouts.
  • Jackals use overcharged Plasma Pistol shots very often, making them a big threat to vehicles and Spartans.
  • Jackals are very good at defending key locations.


  • Jackal Marksmen can easily be taken out by a headshot.
  • Jackals have a vulnerable "gap" in their shields.
  • Unshielded Jackals are less resistant than Grunts.
  • Regular Jackals don't possess very much firepower, their best weapon being the Needler.

In my opinion, Grunts possess more of a threat than Jackals so my bet is on them. Also because Grunts have a greater personality than Jackals. But what about you?