By Solidsnake6666


"Wake up Tyler, it's time."

I woke up with a sudden fright of realisation, it was my fourteenth birthday on Earth.

 I had been waiting for years for this day, because of one reason..... The surprise that my parents had set up since I was ten years of age. 
  I had an idea what they had got me because my Dad was always in that shed he only came out on weekends, and when it was time to eat.
   He worked for the UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMAND or UNSC for short, he was a Sergeant Major in the army.
    It was weird to have a father that you only saw on weekends and when I did he would keep me fit and take me, camping and going to the gym a lot.
     I had started to arise from my bed, into my bedroom.

It was a very small bedroom only 4x5x3 meters unlike the other kids.

       I started to get dressed into my causal cloths, I put a tank top on and had a gun strap that I put on so I could hold the M9D [ Magnum ] that I had grown to call misty I put on a Red T-shirt and a black hoodie.
   I started to walk down stairs to see my Mum standing there with a briefcase in her hand.

"Urmmm, Mum? " I said Suspiciously

"Well Tyler happy birthday! " Mum said running to give me a hug.

"Thanks mum but where's Dad? "

"Never mind about that, here have your present from your brother and sister." she said handing me the case.

" Where is Ange and Max?" I said opening the first latch of the case.

" Ange's doing an exam and Max is with Dad."

I hurriedly opened the last latch, and to my surprise it was a Watch.....

" Thanks? I guess?" I said mortified

" Well be a little more exited, Tyler."

I slide the watch onto my wrist and immediately an hologram jumped up from the watch.

   "Greetings Tyler." The Hologram Said
   "What the bloody hell is that?" I said laughing.
    " I am Smart A.I. #1903827 Blackbox designated for your every need" Said the AI called Blackbox 
    " Ahh, I understand now your an Artificial Intelligence."
    " Yes sir I am Blackbox I am here to suit your every need, I am a prototype of and advanced Ultra A.I. I'm the Sister to Cortana, a very famous A.I. but the difference is I last forever I can do anything I can hack open doors give you access to All the UNSC files and much more."
    " Ok thanks Blackbox, dismissed." I said
    The A.I. shut down and collapsed back into the watch, 

"That is an amazing gift, now then Mum what are we doing today?"

   "We are going to an outpost for the Surprise, but first I need to give you some medicine." She said and pulled a syringe out and before a word was mentioned, plunged it into a vain and injected me with it.
    " Woah that's a little bit strong " I said
     " Man up anyway let's get to the Surprise." 



We swiftly left our house making sure to bring Blackbox with me

       "Now son were going to be picked up in about ten minutes so please tell Blackbox to Power the oxygen Bubble. 
        "Blackbox...." I said

        "Call me BB." The A.I. Interrupted
         "Ok?..... BB power the Oxygen Bubble."
         " Aye, Sir it has already been done."
          "Thanks BB, Dismissed."
           " Ok then son lets go," Mum said laughing.
            "Pelican 121 were clear for PROTOCOL SURPRISE, do you read?" Mum said in a Military tone.
             " Roger that Sierra Niner hold on tight ETA Thirty seven minutes ." Pelican 121 said engaging the PROTOCOL.
              We arrived at the destination 'Reach ' at a ground braking speed, the pelican was fast, possibly faster then the Paris Class Frigates.
                We arrived at the airfield where I saw a Stalwart Class light frigate, orbiting the planet.
   " BB where are we?" I said annoyed.
   "I Believe were on planet Reach, Sir" Said BB popping up as a Hologram Again.

   "Reach...... Can you give me any intel on the planet?" I said curiously


     " Sorry sir, your father told me not to tell you any Records that relate to this planet, until the Surprise has been commenced."
       " Ok Pelican 121 Drop us off at the South Air field," Mum said Disengaging the Harness.
        " Roger that Sierra Niner happy driving and happy birthday Tyler we will meet again soon." Pelican 121 said as he disengaged the magnets and let the warthog drive off.
         " Ma'am detecting three lifeforms on the North air field should I set a course?" BB said robotically 

          "Aye, BB get us there in record time." Mum said        
           "Setting a course for the Northern Airfield, Oh and Ma'am you might want to tell Master Tyler about The Surprise, Because we have some Innies Inbound to our position I suggest that you get on the M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun, and master Tyler there is an SRS99D in the side of the 
Vehicle for you it has AP round so one shot should do the trick."
  "You heard the A.I. get that sniper and take down them pelicans," as mum was climbing up to the M41
  "Urmm Mum what is the innies?" I said picking up the SRS98D and checked the mag
  "Your Fathers worse nightmare, but any how BB Pick up the speed." 
  Ok then I told myself, ready myself I pulled back the bolt, I targeted the pelicans engine, deep breath......... Crack!  

Pull back the bolt, aim for pelican number two...... Bang, bang bang bang bang. Mum was on the M41 pounding the second pelican with AR Rounds, l shot the driver of the third pelican when suddenly three warthogs role up behind us,

    " Identify yourself! " Mum shouted at the warthogs
    "Your makers" just as a SPKR Missile hit them


"C'mon Tyler, Wake up!" I sat up as if someone had just electrocuted me.

    " We need to move, NOW" Mum said with a tear In here eye.
    " Balls, the innies are here...." She whispers
     " BB?...... BB! We need you!" I said horridly,
     " Son I need you to run, just run your father will keep you safe....." Mum said
      " I'm not leaving you Mum your the most amazing women I have ever met." I said with a snigger
       " Identify yourself" An innie SGT Barked at us......
        CRACK, BANG, CRACK, BANG, CRACK, that was the sound of an SRS98D and and SPKR Missiles getting fired 
       " Thank god for that," I pulled out my pistol and with ease I shot them without a glance.
       " Dad, Ange, Max you came in the nick of time nice shooting Ange and Max." I Said with satisfaction
        "Well bro it's the least we could do, its your birthday!
      So yeah...... Happy Birthday!" Ange said.
           " Thanks Ange, and max for the watch." I said
            " What watch?" Max said
             " Mum, who gave you that watch.......?" I said worried
          "A very tall man he had a ONI Uniform and also had an A.I. himself, he had a hood on so i think he's kind of a suspicious man." Mum said fast,
         " Strange, (SWOOSH), damn innies " Dad said as he shot the last one.
        " Any way onto your present......" Dad said smiling.
       " Now son I don't know what your father is going to give you but, you must use it responsibly it is something that should only be used in extreme situations." Mum said Calmly and seriously. 
       " I know how much effort Dad has put into it and I will not abuse whatever it is." I said dramatically.
       "Ok then Son I want you to know that no matter what I will always be here for you, walk to hanger 737 it's at the east of the air field take Ange and Max with you it will require you all to do it. Pelican 121 I need an EVAC on my position " Dad said
     " Roger that Sierra Eight, rolling out to your position ETA Fourteen minutes." Said Pelican 121 

"We will see you three later..... Good luck." Mum said giving us all a hug, now Tyler what you about to revive is a gift from the future and you will be gone for a very long time so when you are in the right state of mind, go to the UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMAND outpost just a few clicks east of here, never forget we love you." Mum whispers in my ear.

   " Well then you two lets get off," Max said as the three of them walked to the hanger.  

Chapter Three - A little nap

" Jesus how long is the walk to the hanger?" Moaned Ange

" It's just over there, Jesus Ange quit your moaning." Exclaimed Max.

"Hey! I'm the only girl here who can use a shotgun and yet I can't start to run......HHHH........." Protested Ange

"Ok you two shut up, where here now." I said

"Detecting three pods up ahead sir, be careful." BB said

"BB where the hell where you back there?" I said annoyed

"Sorry sir I don't know what happened, I was checking out the area via satellite and then I blacked out when I was just about to alert you to the innies Presence." BB said confused

We walked into the Hanger 737 it was empty except for three pods..... And three data chips and two watches.

" Stay frosty....." Ange said as she readied her M90

" Copy that" Max said readying his MA5B

" Damn look at this place that watch looks like the same one I have......" I said cautiously

"We'll I think Dad left them for us. Look there that Data chip that looks like it fits in that watch of yours." Max said.

"Indeed it does well its a gift from Dad so I think we should all take it and see what they do." Ange said.

"Ok then BB I am putting an USB into your port scan it and tell me what it is and if there is anything else I should know." I said as I inserted the USB into the port.

" Urmm, Tyler I think this is time coding. And them watches are A.I.s as well there names are Atlasand Rhodes."

"Howdy there mister, I'm Atlas I'm a UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMAND Smart A.I. here at your service Master Maximus." exclaimed Atlas.

"Please don't call me Maximus it's Max." Proclaimed Max.

"Greetings Ms I am Rhodes also an UNSC Smart A.I. But a hell of a lot smarter then my brother Atlas other there." Said Rhodes smugly.

"Anyway time to go we're going into them chamber you will re-awake in Two hundred years and you will wake up instantly. I will do it myself." Said BB

"What will happen to Mum and Dad?" I said shouting

"Tyler this is what your present is the feature, you will be the oldest person on earth. Plus I told Mum to eject you with something earlier which will make you collapse and also change you a tad when you wake up." Ange said

"Night bro...." Max said as I collapsed.

Chapter four - A whole new world

"Checking the vitals..... He's good, there all waking up now thanks to that A.I. of there's." said the doctor.

I heard a hissing sound of the cyro pod opening.

"Give me your hand, child." Proclaimed the doctor.

"There we go now I think it's best if you sit down and had something to eat you have been asleep for hundreds of years." The nurse said.

"Bloody hell, what happened..." I said stretching

" Urmm Tyler you look a bit older and taller then me, actually what was in the cyro pod that, altered our DNA." I'll think about it.

"Indeed because I feel stronger, faster, it's bloody brilliant." I said as I ran outside of the lab.

"Hahaha this is marvellous. Now doctor where's the outside?" I asked in a Military tone.

"Through them doors, ODST." Doctor said with a salute.

What the hells an ODST? Screw it. I checked my watch to see what time it was working surprisingly.

"BB you still there?" I asked my watch

" Aye, Sir. Orders?" BB said

"Open a channel with Atlas and Rhodes, and then look for schematics of the Medical centre and anywhere for around it."I said beginning to open the door.

"Already done just speak and I will transfer the audio into your ear via you brain." BB said


"Tyler! I can't speak for long but you are at an ODST academy! Good luck i will stay with the doctor I have Rhodes it's fine I can take care of myself. Max is. With me just stay out of trouble." Ange said

" Sir, Squad inbound, there's also a warthog ahead so you can get to the UNSC base your father talked about." Said BB

"I'm not leaving BB, Without Max or Ange. I'm off for a run of the Assault course."

As I was in the Assault corse I picked up an M7 it was light so I picked up six rounds of M7 ammo.

I ran to the corse hit the button and began the run,

I was running fast under and behind cover, I shot the simulation innies, there was also an target that i shot without looking dead Center of the head and rescued the VIP with Hours to spare, you got three hours I completed it in thirty minutes. I walked toward the finish line, where I saw an man in a suit that read hell-jumper

" Who are you?" Said the hell-jumper

" Tyler, Tyler Hall"

" I don't see you on the ODST academy list, Why are you here." He said as his right handed man raised his M90

"To be honest I don't know myself but I woke up in a pod in the infirmary and I ran off to clear my head and I seem to have these improved reflects and I feel like a SPARTAN from Ancient Greece and stuff." I said surprised to have my rifle up , so I put it back in its weapons locker,

"Keep it, and come with us I think your the first person ever to run this and beat it within two hours, hell it takes a spartan 45 mins." Said the hell jumper

"Names Conner Poloski I'm an ODST commander and I think that we have a new recruit." Said Commander Poloski

"Thanks sir but I don't know where I am or what year or time it is I was from the year 2013 and I'm 14 years old." I said confused

"Well Tyler your joining the Hell jumpers along with your brother Max and your Sister Ange they have just signed up." Said Commander Poloski

"Follow on, Sir." I said as I walked after him.

Chapter Five - The new recruit

"Rookie I don't care who you are but you are going to get your ODST armour." Said the ODST Drill Instructor

I quickly started to put my ODST armour on it felt like I was shielded.

"BB power my shields to full and I'm going to transfer you to my ODST suit so you will always be with me I will keep my watch with me so I can quickly transfer you." I whispered

"What was the Jumper!" Said the TI ( Training instructor )

" Nothing, Sir" as I put my helmet on

My HUD popped up with a spinning cube I  recognised it as the same shape that Black Box uses as its 'Avatar' Ok I'm giving you access to all ONI files other then reach. 

Ok bring up 'ODST ' it came up with a file that said Orbital Drop Shock Troopers these chosen for this devision are the best of the best, they are ruthless mercy less and drop from Frigates using ODP ( Orbital Drop Pods) they are deployed quickly and tactically behind enemy lines to destroy all who apose them [ End Transmission ]

"Rookie get to that assault course again, and run through it your brother and sister are getting transfers to Earth for training there you are the best and we are the best we will run through a real combat situation and then your clear to train or whatever. That armours yours now I put Wolf on the side of it to show them your silent and mercy less but fast" Said the TI

"Thanks sir, beginning corse now." I said as I rushed Ito the course

This time I did it in twenty five minutes

"Outstanding Wolf, that's your call sign now." Said the TI "Now get to the pelican it leaves in five minutes to take you to the infinity and its been an honour to teach you Wolf." Said the TI

And with that I double timed it to the Pelican Wales I had a conversation with BB about the ODST

Chapter six - The Infinity

"Welcome Aboard the infinity Hell Jumper and enjoy your stay." Said the 121 Pelican Co-pilot

"Thanks 121.... Wait 121?" I shouted.

All UNSC personnel report to your Cabins, final checks for slips pace protocols were heading to earth ETA five hours.

I double timed it to my cabin with my helmet and armour still on,

When I got to my cabin there was four other ODST there in there ODST T-Shirt

"Rookie?" One of the more senior ranks said

"Aye, Sir but I do have to say I'm older then you all." I said

"I disbelieve that rookie how old are you?" The Senior Rank said

"I'm fourteen but I'm over five hundred years old."

"My brother and sister are in the ODST as well but transfers to earth." I said

" Ok then rookie you might want to get some shut eye because the slips space first experience is the worst so I suggest you sleep. The names Jack Gustus" Jack said. [ TRANSMISSION END ]


Chapter Seven - The First Strike.

"Major Tyler! Wake up and get your M7S and get in your pod the left of mine, prepare for a combat drop." Said SGT Major Jack.

"Aye sir, Blackbox what's the deal?" I said when I was picking up my M90S, M7S and a couple of frags.

"We have reached earth and it seems it has been attacked, Rhodes and Atlas are shutting down the planet and ordering all UNSC to get there. It's an alien race, they call themselves the covenant." Said BB his icon in my HUD spinning slowly now.

"Ok then BB Anything else I should know?" I Said running to then ODP ( Orbital Defence Platform )

"Aye, your brother and sister are waiting for you there have been surviving on there own, there running low on ammo." Said BB uploading an Satellite image to my HUD.

"Good to go?" Said Sgt Major Jack.

"Aye sir," I said clipping in my M7S to the Drop pod frame.

" You know the drill Major it's time to drop." Said SGT MAJOR Jack as we dropped through space into the atmosphere.

"Ok, Sir were approaching the destination lock on my mark." "MARK" said SGT MAJOR Jack.

I locked onto his target, it was two clicks from Ange and Max.

"Sir where are we going?" I said hoping

" There are some other ODST's two clicks from our Mark, we need to help them evacuate the city, they are running low on ammo and there squad is down only Warrant officer Ange and SGT MAJOR Max left there good soldiers." Said SGT MAJOR Jack.

"Aye sir I trained With them myself" I said laughing.

" How so Tyler?" Said SM Jack (SGT MAJOR).

"I'm there brother and I'm the one who they knocked out to get me to this year." I said.

"Ah well them we better double time it there." Said SM Jack.

"ETA Thirty seconds." Said Corporal Muy.

We hit the foot where the doors blew open.

"Cpl Muy take point, Private Mark take post," said SM Jack

"Black Box give my team extended Motion sensors." I said out-loud.

"Tyler what did you do?" SM Jack said.

"I gave you extended motion sensors"I said smugly .

"How though?" SM Jack said.

"Never mind that just keep moving." I said when jumping down into a valley.

"Whatever you say," said SM Jack.

"Tyler Movement ahead." Said BB.

"Movement!" I said raising my M7S.

"Let them pass and then shoot a stick detonator into there back." Said SM Jack.

"Aye Sir. " said the team as Cpl Muy and Pvt Mark.

"Sir you won't have to talk to me now just think I have fitted a transmitter in your helmet that will transfer your thoughts to me, don't worry I have locked it so it only works for me." Said BB Laughing

'Nice BB lets move, ETA?

'Five mins after this encounter.

"Here they come, Get ready."

'They are Bloody Massive. All most like..... Hunters because there out in the wild.

'Indeed let me create a data file on the hunters sir, well done you have just named an alien life form congratulations.

'Well thanks BB I don't think that it will pass on though

"The explosive has been shot, awaiting your mark." Said Cpl Muy.

"Mark." Said SM Jack.

"Let me scan the body for a data file from ONI." Said SM Jack.

'He's going to be surprised.

'Ha he's he will Black box he Will.

"That's funny...... It's just been created under a minute ago....." Said SM Jack.

"That's strange sir, Perhaps an ODST uploaded a DATA file" I said with a snigger.

" Impossible an A.I. only has the permission to do this, one that has been lost for a very long time." SM Jack said with a cautious tone.

Chapter Eight The Battle For Earth

"Ok lads time to head up to the city centre there holding out at an old hangar" said Cpl Muy.

"Aye Muy, any vantage points for me?" Said Pvt Mark.

"Da Rookie, there is an old A&C tower from the old war, the war in 2015 against Spartans and the world." Said Cpl Muy.

"We'll then we better start the run to my brother and sister then, BB get us three warthogs." I said outloud

"Aye sir, there are two M27s and one grouse incoming sir," said BB with a smug smile

"Who the hell was that?" SM Jack said.

"That's BB - Blackbox he's the technical side of me, he's my A.I., and he's a bloody good one." I said proudly

"This is pelican 121, with pelicans 222 and 323 were inbound with three warthogs ETA ninety seconds." Said pelican 121.

"Roger that pelican 121 echo squad out, and 121..... Good to see you again." I said to 121

"It's been a pleasure sir," said 121

They dropped the warthogs off.

"Me and Jack in the middle with cpl Muy, then pvt Jenny, Mark, and, Callum with the grouse and FLT SGT Cook and Major Jimmy get in the last." I said.

"Aye sir lets bring them HELL JUMPERS back." FLT SGT Cook.

" Your driving Muy." Said SM Jack.

"I was going to volunteer myself anyhow, sir." Said Muy

"UHH-RAHH!" Shouted Major Jimmy.

"Hehe well then lets lead the charge what's your say Tyler?" SM Jack said.

"Let's get Ange and Max."

"OPEN FIRE!!!!!" Said Jack as he pounded them all with his S.A.M.

I was running from cover to cover I took out the grunts In a single shot from my magnum to the head, I started to work on the elites, the Ugly ones, they were tough.

I saw Max and Ange in the distance just I saw a hunter running I pelted at it. it was the fastest I had ever ran in my life I rank with knifes out ready to rip that pice of shite to pieces it was not going to hurt my family it can go, i rugby tackled it to the floor and started to mash his face in, I grabbed its neck I plunged my knife into its head and I sawed through his neck to chop it off. I was at an adrenaline rush I was killing to protect the ones I love, I shot twenty five hunters with a discarded SRS99D I plunged the bullet into its head each shot I was running again jumping onto its heads shooting it with my M90 and jumping to the next one, Whalse Muy, Jack, Ange and Max was helping me fight the covenant and push them back.

The others were helping civilians evacutate to the Infinity I was passing back the covernent and doing so with three other ODSTs we were working as an team, killing anything that was not human,

It was and elite with an sword.....

"C'mon then if you think your hard enough, Guys he's mine." I said pulling out my knife.

"Here use this Mom gave me it before you left to give it to you when you needed it" said Max as he handed me two scabbards with swords sheathed inside them,

"I pulled a sword out and put the two scabbards on my back," we'll then were evenly matched.

He lunged for me, I pulled around deflecting his sword and choked off his left arm.

He advanced at me so I slit it's throat.

"Well then....... Lets have a nice long kip." Said Ange. As I was nearly falling asleep

"Aye" I said as I climbed into the back of 121, back to the infinity.

"We'll then, Tyler it's only fair that for your actions over the past year, and your leadership shown in this mission by the orders of ONI I am promoting you to the Commander of the ODST Corps" said SM Jack.

" Thank you sir, I think it was time that I went to sleep for a bit though,it takes it out of you." I said

" We will be joining you, Because we're family." Said Ange

"Aye, Lets get going then lads." I said jumping into CRYO."

'Well then sir I will be monitoring your progress through CRYO and I will have Atlas and Rhodes to accompany me.

'Night BB and please change you're avatar it's boring, make it more human.

'Sweet dreams............