So what Spartan variants are returning in Halo 4 and what new Spartan variants will be introduced in it. Well some if not all of the Spartan variants have been revealed. First of all, let's start with some that are returning.

Returning Spartan Variants

Spartan Scout

Of course, the favorite of many, the Scout is returning. The Halo 4 version returns similar to the old look of the Scout in Halo 3 but also has its own new look.


A Spartan Scout in orange armor wielding a Sticky Detonator.

CP. 75

This picture clearly states that this Spartan is the Scout.

Spartan Gungnir

Making its first appearance in Halo: Reach the Gungnir makes its second appearance in Halo 4. No pictures of the Gungnir in the actual game have been revealed yet.

CP. 76

Concept art of the Halo 4 Spartan Gungnir.

Spartan Recon

The Recon, being in more Halo games than many others will also return in Halo 4.


The Spartan Recon in Green/White armor in Halo 4.

Spartan HazOp


Concept art of the HazOp in Halo 4.


The HazOp as it appears in Halo 4.

Spartan Mark VI

Of course, you have to have Master Chef's armor variant.




Master Chief in his Mark VI armor.

New Spartan Variants

Spartan Warrior

The first multiplayer Spartan variant shown to the public in Halo 4. It is one of the most commonly used armor variants used by the Spartan-IVs.


The Spartan Warrior.

Spartan CIO

I have tryed to look up what CIO means but cannot find out what it means, so if anyone knows what it stands for please let me know.


Concept art of the CIO variant.

Spartan Venator

There is also not that much pictures of this Spartan as well.


Concept art of the Spartan Venator.

Spartan Oceanic

This Spartan kind of has an EVA look to it. It could be replacing the EVA if it does not return in Halo 4.


Spartan Soldier


The Spartan Soldier as he appears in Halo 4.


The Spartan Soldier in Combat.

Spartan Infiltrator


The Spartan Infiltrator.

Spartan Orbital

This Spartan is even more like the EVA. Do not be confused with Orbital and ODST Spartans.


The Spartan Orbital.


A better view of the Orbital.

So now you know most of what Spartan armor variants you can customize on Halo 4. I think I covered everything. Well I hope this has helped. -Circulating Peace (Talk)