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    Halo the Movie

    January 29, 2013 by Circulating Peace

    I remember there used to be crazy rumors about a Halo motion picture movie after Halo 3 came out. Everyone was saying that it was going to come out, but it never did. Well what if theydid make a Halo movie, who would you want to make it. The people I would recommend would be Neill Blomkamp, who directed the Halo 3: Landfall episode and directed the alien movie, District 9. Peter Jackson, who is known for the Lord of the Rings series and King Kong. Or JJ Abrams, who directed Super 8 and is now directing Star Wars VII. Would you want there to be Halo movies up to Halo 3, or movies based off most of the games, or movies that have their own story. The movies would most likely come out after Halo 6. What else would you wnat to see in a Halo mov…

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  • Circulating Peace

    So I just finished the new Halo novel, Halo: The Thursday War, by Karen Traviss and man was that book awesome.

    Before you read any further I would like to let you know that this blog will have spoils.

    So basically want I want to talk about the book is mainly its links to Halo 4.  Jul 'Mdama, a Sangheili serving against the Arbiter and hated humans was abducted by humans and taken captive to the Forerunner planet, Onyx-Trevelyan. He was allowed to explore Onyx with permission from the humans and was escorted by an old Forerunner Huragok that the humans found. He spoke with the Huragok and the Huragok mentioned Requiem and the Ur-Didact. Eventually Jul found a Forerunner building that contained portals to other planets. He found and entered one wo…

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    Era: Halo

    August 25, 2012 by Circulating Peace

    For those of you that don't know what the purpose of the Halo era (the era with Guilty Spark's body) really means, let me tell you. It represents Halo: Combat Evolved (Not Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary) Halo 2, and Halo 3. If something is in all three of these games (i.e. John-117) you would replace the 1, 2, and 3 eras with this era. That way there are not so many eras in the top right corner of the page. Now don't think I am angry at anybody. I just wanted to let you people that don't know, know. So this 'only' replaces 1, 2, and 3. Not CEA or HR or HW or ODST, so don't remove these eras and add the Halo era. For those of you that already know this, disregard this blog.

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    So what Spartan variants are returning in Halo 4 and what new Spartan variants will be introduced in it. Well some if not all of the Spartan variants have been revealed. First of all, let's start with some that are returning.

    Of course, the favorite of many, the Scout is returning. The Halo 4 version returns similar to the old look of the Scout in Halo 3 but also has its own new look.

    Making its first appearance in Halo: Reach the Gungnir makes its second appearance in Halo 4. No pictures of the Gungnir in the actual game have been revealed yet.

    The Recon, being in more Halo games than many others will also return in Halo 4.

    Of course, you have to have Master Chef's armor variant.

    The first multiplayer Spartan variant shown to the public in Halo 4. It …

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