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    Over this summer I have been taking a film studies class. I had the professor and film critic for a local paper, look at the Forward Unto Dawn trailer. He had no prior experience concerning the Halo universe but still had some interesting observations and they are as follows:

    • Colors of the trailer were extremely muted or omitted.
    • Significant light contrasts.
    • That the world is intentional made to look almost black and white.
    • He also made note of the uniforms and them being reminscent of 1940s fascist uniforms.
    • Photography had good values.
    • A lot of implied oppression from Mise en scène.
    • The editing was crisp and well done.
    • It was clearly more formalist than realist.
    • Despite not being a fan of Halo, he was interested in seeing more.

    What does this mean…

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