When I see something about Xbox controler buttons, triggers, etc. it only has letters and/or words which looks boring and old so I thought of making this:

We could make some images of each control and make a template called: Xbox Controler Control and the code would be: [[File:{{{1|NAME OF IMAGE THAT IS ABOUT AN XBOX CONTROLER CONTROL}}}.{{{1|jpg, png, svg... AND OTHERS}}}|15px]]

NOTE: The thing about jpg, png, svg... etc. depends on what name the image is uploaded as but I would prefer that the name would have the name of the controlso that it makes adding it easier.

And the template code would be: {{Xbox Controler Control|NAME OF IMAGE THAT IS ABOUT AN XBOX CONTROLER CONTROL|svg, png, svg... AND OTHERS}}

But I would think it would be better to get some approval from the Adminstration.