Halo 4 was a good game but it drew an end with Cortana finally touching the chief for the first and last time as she faded we where met with one of the saddest deaths as the chief called for her to come back. By finishing the game on legendary many were surprised, as they caught the first real look at Johns face.

But this did nothing but give us an idea of what John under that mask looks like. With Halo: Guardians announced we can only guess what is really happening to john under that mask but I bet it won't be happiness. Should we bring Cortana back from the dead? I don't think so. If so many people where sad that they lost Johnston I can only imagine what Cortanas fans feel. The Halo games seem to like us to build strong relationships with characters over time and then kill them. But Cortana was the only character who has gone into battle with John and survived as long as she did. How could this fallout affect John? He might even turn against the U.N.S.C. 

Johns problem is that any person or thing he develops a relation ship with is cut down in battle. This in may be the cause of his demise in Halo: Guardians. When I first caught a look at the cover art for the next game with John looking like he would not be taking a central role in the game I wondered "Will John die in this game and will this new Spartan take his place?" Until we play halo guardians we only know one thing for certain and that is that HALO NATION will keep you posted with the details.