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Blade bane November 1, 2009 User blog:Blade bane

As some of you may have seen earlier in the Longshore Specials blog, I said that I would go and use an offline profile to get pictures of the easter egg lunch board on different days.

Well, I did do just that, and each day DOES have a new easter egg message, but I am having trouble transferring them onto my live profile so that I can upload them to halopedia. I have tried both copying and moving the pictures, but it will not let me as both profiles are on the same hard drive.

I would really like to show the community of halopedia the easter eggs, but unless someone here has a solution, then I can not do that. So does anyone here have a way that I would be able to get halo 3 pictures from an offline account onto the internet or even my online profile? If so, please state it here. Thank you.

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