Greetings community of halopedia. Today I am here to propose a set of guidelines in seven references, which lately have been overexploited to ridiculous levels. People pull out ridiculous maths problems and answers in order to find the number seven. In reality, when you use random numbers there is always a way to get a number seven or a number linking to it. You will constantly find users undoing edits which have just added a useless 7 reference. I propose that we make a stricter set of rules to ensure that all of the references added have at least some quality.

Direct references

These are the references that have the number 7 directly in themselves. Wether these are from peoples names, or machine numbers, ect. I think these references are the most commonly mistaken, and as such I believe these should only be added if they directly affect a major thing, and not just a 7 in a string of text.

Sub-obvious references

These are the references which can only be found if you decode something. These are pretty easy to tell wether they are references or not, but again all minor unlikely references should be removed.

Hidden references

These are small references which would only be found by hardcore fans. They can be easily misinterpreted, but if you are a hardcore fan it should be obvious. If you are not sure you should ask the community, these involve maths equations which when worked out lead to an answer of 7. Should the hidden reference in question be worked out to equal 7, all numbers used to reach the answer MUST be in the original equation, you can not just randomly add a number or divide by 7.