NOTE: This blog was written before the release of Halo Wars, Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Reach, Halo Legends and Halo: The Cole Protocol. To that end none of the SPARTANs first mentioned in that media are mentioned here. I hope one day to have time to amend this.

FORMAT: Summary

{Excerpt from media}

17/08/2517: Dr. Halsey interviews John, one of 150 candidates for new SPARTAN(II) project.

{we have one hundred and fifty test subjects to consider}

23/11/2517: SPARTAN II project begins with 75 conscripts

{Seventy-five children marched in—each accompanied by a handler}

9/03/2525: SPARTANs undergo augmentations, 30 die, 12 are disabled (including Cassandra-XXX, Kirk-XXX, Rene-XXX, and Fhajad-084) and 33 are successful. 33 SPARTANs

{Sam, Kelly, and thirty others still stood at attention in their black dress uniforms. They had made it unharmed ... More or less. There were a dozen others, though, who had lived ... but were no longer soldiers. Fhajad sat in a wheelchair, shaking uncontrollably. Kirk and René were in neutral-buoyancy gel tanks, breathing through respirators; their bones had been so twisted they no longer looked human. There were others, still alive, but with injuries so critical they could not be moved.}

27/11/2525: Samuel-034 dies during the destruction of the Covenant ship. 32 SPARTANs

{Sam’s death had shown them that the Covenant were not invincible. They could be beaten. At a high cost, however.}

7/11/2531: Kurt-051 is abducted by the army to train SPARTAN-IIIs on planet Onyx. He is listed as MIA and presumed dead. 32 SPARTANs


2525-2552: 3 SPARTANs KIA (Including Randall-XXX and Sheila-XXX. Also we can assume the 3rd is Kurt-051, who Dr. Halsey thinks is dead) and one, Maria-062?, disabled. 29 SPARTANs

{“Assembled here tonight,” she said, “are all surviving Spartans save three, who are otherwise engaged on fields of combat too distant to be easily recalled. In the last decade of combat there have only been three KIAs and one Spartan too wounded to continue active duty.}

27/08/2552: 25 SPARTANs meet for mission brief, 3 SPARTANs (Grey Team) are off on another mission. 3 (Blue Team) are sent to orbital MAC station Gamma, 22 (Red Team) head for Reach 29 SPARTANs

{"Clustered around him were two dozen Spartans: Fred, Linda, Joshua, James, and many others he had not spoken to for years}"

30/08/2552: Grey Team: UNKNOWN (26+GT) SPARTANs

Blue Team: James-XXX dies in space battle. (25+GT) SPARTANs Linda-058 is wounded and put into cryo-chamber until healed by Dr. Halsey. John-117 goes to Halo-04 (Halo: Combat Evolved)

{The Master Chief watched his teammate tumble away into the darkness. All his training, his superhuman strength, reflexes, and determination . . . completely useless against the laws of physics. He didn’t even know if James was dead. For the moment, he had to assume that he was}

Red Team: 30/08/2552: 4 SPARTANs KIA (Including Malcolm-059) in decent to surface of Reach. 6 with major injuries. (21+GT) SPARTANs

{Six Spartans have more serious injuries. They can fight from a fixed position, but they have limited mobility." She took a deep breath and then added, "Four KIA."}

30/08/2552: Red team splits into 4; Delta - 6 wounded SPARTANs (Including William-043, Isaac-039 and Vinh-030), sent to secure some area. {"Team Delta—" He highlighted the wounded Spartans and the four Marines on the roster. "—fall back to this location."}

Gamma - 3 SPARTANs (Anton-044, Li-008 and Grace-093) sent to Admiral Whitcomb's aid. {Team Gamma." Fred selected Red-Twenty-one, Red-Twenty-two, and Red-Twenty-three from the roster. "You'll extract the Admiral and his staff and bring them back to the generators.}

Beta - Red-Twenty through Four [total 6]) generator defense.{"Team Beta—" Fred selected Red-Twenty through Red-Four. "—you're on generator defense."}

Alpha - 3 SPARTANs (Kelly-087, Joshua-029, Fredric-104) Go hunting. {"Team Alpha—" He selected Kelly, Joshua, and himself. ... "We're going to that valley to kill anything there that isn't human."}

Delta: 3 SPARTANs die, 3 live. (18+GT) SPARTANs Gamma: All Survive. (18+GT) SPARTANs Beta: All 6 Presumed Dead. (12+GT) SPARTANs Alpha: Joshua-029 dies after his banshee is shot down. Other 2 survive. (11+GT) SPARTANs

{"Where's the rest of the team? And the Marines from Charlie Company?" Fred asked. "They didn't make it"}{Then again, they weren't dead .. . which was more than he could hope for Beta Team.}{She looked around. "Joshua?" Fred shook his head. "He got hit on the way in."}

30/09/2552: Kelly-087, Fredric-104, William-043, Isaac-039 and Vinh-030 meet with Dr. Halsey and go underground. (11+GT) SPARTANs

{Dr. Halsey studied the five Spartans in the hallway and pushed her antique glasses farther up the ridge of her nose.}

30/09/2552: Kelly-087, Fredric-104, William-043, Isaac-039, Vinh-030 and Dr. Halsey meet up with John-117, Anton-044, Li-008 and Grace-093. Dr. Halsey then revives Linda-058 who was still in cryo-sleep. Kurt-051 still on Onyx (11+GT) SPARTANs

{My thanks for the rescue. It was far timelier than you could imagine." She turned to the Master Chief. "Or is it you I have to thank for this daring operation, John?"}

30/09/2552: Isaac-039 and Vinh-030 die after satchel charges are detonated to cover the tracks of the team retreating from the covenant under ground on Reach. (9+GT) SPARTANs

{Fred opened his COM. "SPARTAN-029. SPARTAN-039. Acknowledge." Static hissed through his speaker. Vinh's and Isaac's lights remained dark.}

13/09/2552: Grace-093 is killed by brutes on the Unyielding Hierophant (8+GT) SPARTANs

{Grace lay face-first on the floor, five meters from the temple entrance. A puddle of hydrostatic gel and blood spread across the floor.}

Date Record Anomaly: Li-008 and Anton-044 die doing repairs to a ship in slipspace. (6+GT) SPARTANs

{There was no trace of Li or Anton}

20/10/2552: John-117 busy with Halo 2 & Halo 3

3/11/2552 : William-043, Fredric-104 and Linda-058 make their way from Earth to Onyx in a stolen Covenant ship.

{Fred sat on the bridge deck of Bloodied Spirit, breathing air tinged with the scent of Hunter blood.}

3/11/2552 : Dr. Halsey and Kelly-087 make their way to Onyx in a stolen Human ship.

{In the dark of the jungle she set Dr. Halsey against a tree and rechecked her vitals. Still strong and steady. Kelly scanned the sky. No company.}

 : Dr. Halsey, Kelly-087, William-043, Fredric-104, Linda-058 and Kurt-051 meet up and head into the centre of Onyx

03/11/2552: William-043 dies fighting hunters in hand to hand combat. Kurt-051 dies setting off nuke to kill covenant. (4+GT) SPARTANs

{Will's energy shield vanished, and the front of his MJOLNIR armor melted. He took a step toward the beast, and collapsed.}{Kurt turned his gauntlet face-up and pressed the detonator.}

03/11/2552: Linda-058, Kelly-087 and Fredric-104 are trapped in Micro Dyson Sphere in the heart of Onyx. (1+GT) SPARTANs

{"Conclusion?" She paused for dramatic effect. "We are inside a Micro Dyson sphere."}

2553: John-117 is MIA in half a ship drifting in space somewhere. (1+GT) SPARTANs