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    NOTE: This blog was written before the release of Halo Wars, Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Reach, Halo Legends and Halo: The Cole Protocol. To that end none of the SPARTANs first mentioned in that media are mentioned here. I hope one day to have time to amend this.

    FORMAT: Summary

    {Excerpt from media}

    17/08/2517: Dr. Halsey interviews John, one of 150 candidates for new SPARTAN(II) project.

    {we have one hundred and fifty test subjects to consider}

    23/11/2517: SPARTAN II project begins with 75 conscripts

    {Seventy-five children marched in—each accompanied by a handler}

    9/03/2525: SPARTANs undergo augmentations, 30 die, 12 are disabled (including Cassandra-XXX, Kirk-XXX, Rene-XXX, and Fhajad-084) and 33 are successful. 33 SPARTANs

    {Sam, Kelly, and thirty othe…

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