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Sorry I haven't been on for a while. No one read my last post, and figured everyone forgot about me.



The truth is I had nothing to write about up till now, and no time in my life to write anything. Yeah, I know I said I would continue my psych evow on the Spartan-II, and I still plan to. But I haven't gotten enough information to continue. But I was talking to a friend during lunch the other day at school. I don't remember how the conversation started, but it eventually went to this next question. Why does everyone call Master Chief, Master Chief?

I mean, I already know his real name, all of us who played Halo 4 do. And sure, 343 Industries and Bungie didn't want us to know his real name until Halo 4, I get that. But even after we learn his real name, and even in the book series I'm reading, where the first book clearly states his name in the first/second chapter, just about almost everyone Chief talks to in the books know his real name. John. (No last name). Even the other Spartan-II's call him Master Chief. They know his real name, they practically were raised as brothers and sisters, (heck, the practically are brothers and sisters), so why, even in Halo 5, do they still refer to him as Master Chief.

And yeah, people will argue that's it a sign of respect because he's higher ranking. I mean, Master Chief Petty Officer is a pretty high ranking, 3rd/4th from the top. (The top being Master Chief Petty officer of the Navy, and the one below that is Force or Fleet Commander Master Chief Petty Officer) And as far as a NCO, Non Commissioned Officer, Master Chief Petty Officer is the highest ranking Chief can get, as Mendez explained in the Halo Fall of Reach movie. But still, even if I were one of the Spartan-II's, when we're on duty, yeah sure, I'll call him Master Chief. But when off duty, I would call him by his real name. I mean, the Spartan-II's don't even do that.

I know that if I had a higher ranking, and that rank was my name that others called me, such as John's, then I would want people to call me by my real name in my off time. Heck, I would want them to call me by my real name even on duty, no matter how higher up I am.

Now higher ups, yeah, I can understand that, most of the time they have to call lower ranking officers by their rank, but they still use their names. The guys in Halo don't even do that.

There are only two characters in the whole story line that have used his name the most. Dr. Halsey, and Cortana. Now, I see that as understandable. I mean, they are, essentially, one in the same mind. (Look back at my Cortana theory to see what I mean (Which that would be great for my next blog post.))

Also, who started calling him "Master Chief" in the first place? Who started that?

Now my friend, while we were talking about this, mentioned that I seemed mad about the subject. Well, I'm not exactly mad. Actually, I'm not mad at all. I just get really passionate about things I like and things I talk about. That's why I seem so intense while talking about things like this. (Just a little heads up for you in the future).

I'm not mad by the fact that no one ever calls him by his real name. Heck, I don't even call him John. I call him, Master Chief. I don't mind using that title. It was just something that was a good conversation started, and something I could really get into. And something I wanted to ask you readers.

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That's all I got for today.

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