Heyo! Aya here.

Now, I was thinking about this while reading through my last post to see if I made any mistakes, and I remembered something about Onyx that has always been nibbling at the back of my mind. I know that when you guys read this title, then you're probably going to freak out and say that "We already know what the Guardians are" probably because of stuff you've seen in Halo 5, whether you played it or watched someone else play it, right? hehehehe< WRONG! Actually I wish I could say that and it be true but I can't. I just wanted to say it.

Well, the only reason I'm doing this is because I haven't done that. The only thing I absolutely know for sure about the Guardians is that they were created by the Forerunners, they can take out entire civilizations just by stretching from a nap, they can use a Slipspace rupture, and Cortana can activate them. That's about it as far as for sure what they are. And maybe that they can fight the Flood, I'd have to re-read my Mytho book on that, but that's part of the reason that I'm posting this today.

And before you ask why I haven't seen anything on Halo 5, it's because of family issues. My sibling wanted to play with me and they wanted to play Halo 5 so we are taking turns every mission since you play as Locke most of the time and they really don't want to play the information gathering part of the game. And I cant continue without them playing with me. So yeah, that's my life.

Anyway bringing everything back to the original topic, I'm going to talk about the things I knew from before I had my Mytho book.

So, from what I could gather from everything, including the Halo Book Series, there are three major creations of the Forerunners. The Halo Rings, The Shield Planets, and the Guardians. From what I gathered in the Book series, the Halo rings are some sort of, as they put it, "sword" which I assumed it was to fight either the Didact or the Flood. Then I thought about the Shield planets, Onyx for example. At first I thought that the Shield Planets were something that could be activated and could be actually moved. You know what I mean?

But then the Guardians come in. Now I knew nothing about the Guardian's before my Mytho book except for that they destroyed stuff, Forerunner tech, and they were huge. Now when I first heard about the Guardian's, the first thought that came to mind was a Gladiator.


I know that seems weird but just keep reading. What's the first thing you think of when you think of a gladiator? Maybe a Roman gladiator, the most popular one, or maybe you think of......... Ok, the Roman gladiator is the only thing I can think of that others might, I don't know whats in your guys's head. (Hysterically laughs)

But in my mind a gladiator of any kind has two things. A sword and a shield. And in Halo, there are the Halo rings, and the Shield planets. A sword and a shield. See where I'm going with this? The name also kinda influenced that too.

But my only question is, why?

If the guardians were made to sort of be like a gladiator or some warrior of some sort, then what were they meant to fight? What could possibly be big in any spectrum that you need that many Guardians? And nothing that has anything to do with "Gods of Egypt" or Marvel or anything like that. We aren't breaking the fourth wall here like Deadpool here people.

But I don't think it was meant for the Flood. That's kind of a bit of overkill. Especially for a race that seemed, in my opinion, so humble and reasonable.

I found out later that my theory was wrong.

(5 minutes later)

I just read through my Mytho Book and tried to understand a bit more about the Guardians, but all I could really tell was that they had weapons of their own on them. Almost like a living battle ship. As for the Sheild Worlds and the Rings, the Sheidl worlds were actually not worlds at all. More as a moving space ship bunker/giant surgican tools for a lack of a better term. They were going to be sent to systems that were infected with flood and eliminate the flood, while still protecting its passengers and those not infected. The Halo rings were just as the game says they were.

Now that I got from a section that talked about the Forerunners past before they all died out. But it never said anything about anyone making the Guardians at all in that section.


Now I'm starting to wonder if the Forerunners even created the Guardians. No joke, that is a new thought as I type. You get what I mean, anyway.

So if the Guardians can hold their own against entire hundred ships worth of fleets of any kind, then what was their purpose. From what I can tell, the Forerunners never did anything that didn't have a bigger picture or without a purpose. They didn't just make weapons because they wanted to. They never did anything without reason. Heck, even the Didact had/has his reason for doing the stuff he did/does. And he's mando super crazy, ya know.

And as for Forerunners being Humble and reasonable, I found out that they are a lot like humans. They have one to many psychotic evil doers who want to take over the universe. And not all of them are as humble as you would think.

I'd better got before this turn's into a book. If you have any questions or comments of any kind then please put them in the comments below. I will always answer. Maybe not right away, but I will.

See ya!