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Before you go any further, I warn you that there may be spoilers for books if you are reading the books, so if you don't want to get spoiled about something, I suggests coming back and reading this later. But please come back read and please come back and comment below, I will always answer back.

Ok, so I've been reading the Halo book series like you guys probably already know, hopefully, right? And you know that in my last Personal thoughts post I made a big deal about something that happened in the book. Like for instance in the last personal thoughts post I went on and on about one of the chapters where Master Chief and a few other Spartans were faced with a situation, that in my opinion, could have opened up to, probably, the most epic escape scenario in the history of history. Again, these are my personal thoughts, none of which I claim to be fact. The only things I clam as facts are the stuff I'm reading from the books.

(Speaking of which, I just got the Halo Mythos book recently so I might post more often.)

Anyway, in Halo Ghosts of Onyx, there is obviously a place called Onyx, hence the name, and that's where the particular chapter I'm going to talk about is taking place. But first, lets get into what Onyx is and why the Spartans are there.

If you go to the Onyx page, then you will see that it was pretty much cut off from the rest of UNSC space and is completely unknown by just about everyone but a few. This was because of Forerunner tech that was found on the planet. But they didn't bother to tell the Spartan-III's about that when they went there.

The guy in charge of training the Spartan-III's is a Spartan-II designated SPARTAN-051, Kurt. He was to replace Sam on Blue team after his passing. Kurt's persona is a unique one, but not what we're here to talk about. A long story short, without spoiling much, the UNSC faked Kurt's death without him knowing so they could get him out of the field and get him to train the Spartan-III's.

Now in my opinion, right there, that's just cruel. I mean, Blue team has already lost one member, and now the UNSC is putting them through this again? That's just wrong.

Anyway, so Kurt got the job and began training the Spartan-III's. 23 years later, stuff starts hitting the fan as that Forerunner tech starts to stretch its legs.

On October 31 of 2552, so about a month and a half after Master Chief finds the Alpha Halo ring world, the Forerunner tech on Onyx starts to activate. Now, that could be just the fact that it took 40 some odd days for the signal from the Alpha Halo Ring to reach Onyx and things started activating, or it could be that it just took 40 some odd days for things to start to finally be noticed on Onyx. Either way, on that date above, while in a training exercise, a few of the Teams of the Spartan-III's were engaged by some not so friendly guests. Drones from a near by Forerunner Facility.

So one of the teams joins up with Kurt, Mendez and two other Spartan-III's and then they do all this crazy stuff, things get weird and hectic and there are points where you think that they're all going to die but they don't and then there are points where people actually die (over dramatic intake of air) and that's where I wanted to start this conversation.

Kurt, the Spartan-III's, Mendez, Fred, Kelly, Halsey, and a few others I don't want to mention because it would take to long, end up in a Forerunner floating tower as described in the book. Then they end up having to fight off a bunch of Covenant goons while trying to stay alive and away from the Forerunner Drones trying to fry their bones.

Now, mind you, before I go on, the books of the Halo series that I have been reading are the first edition. And from when I have been getting from another person on this website, the first editions I think up to Onyx have a lot of grammar and spelling errors in them, (which explains a lot), and that in the second versions of them, a lot of stuff was fixed and or changed. So I'm sure that if you go to a local library or bookstore and ask for this book, they are probably going to hand you the earliest edition. I don't know that's how the ones I've gone to work, anyways—when you go to read that, I may or may not be completely different from what I'm reading, I don't know. But this is what the first edition is, and that's what I'm going by.

Now, in this firefight between the Covenant, Drones and Spartans, there is one character in particular named Dante. The only reason I remember his name is because I sit at a lunch table with a guy named Dante, but anyway, Dante is a Spartan-III, obviously. And I don't remember if he really did much of anything the the rest of the book or if he was just one of them characters that was just there and didn't speak or was given a specific personality, but what happened to him was supper lame, it isn't even funny. (This is where the spoiler comes in if you want to read this book). In the firefight, Dante ends up beside Lucy with an injured Fred due to a blast from a Hunter. Dante and Lucy dragged him behind some cover. At the same time, the Covenant were shooting at them with plasma bolts and crystalline needles from Needlers. Dante ended up getting grazed by a plasma bolt, but doesn't stop dragging Fred to safety. After that, he and the rest of the team head down a rope to the other half of the team that was with Halsey at the time.

Now, at this point it's way to hard for me to describe to you what happens in the simplest way I can via typing them here and you actually understanding what I mean, so I'll just type word for word what is in the book when Dante turned to Kurt and speaks. And it will be in [] because I don't know how to actually type that and it be obvious that it was from another source.

["Sir," he said, "I think I got nicked."

Dante's bio signs flatlines and he collapsed.]


That literally just happened, was the first thing I thought when reading this. First off, lets get back to what happened because it explains what caused him to literally drop dead.

You probably know this if you've done some intense research on Covenant weapons like I have for my book, but for those of you who don't, it was the Needlers that killed him.

See, Needlers, otherwise known as Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher, has these purple crystalline needles it shoots at its targets and they can explode on impact with a solid hard object. And if you get enough of them close together, then they will explode also. Though not all do, which is kinda weird, but anyway—when they hit a solid object and explode, even if you don't get hit directly, there are still tiny little crystalline shards going into the skin of the target, which can cause stiffness of the muscles, severed nerves, or internal/external combustion. And yes, those tiny things can even go through MJOLNIR armor too. The combustion is because even though they are smaller shards, they can still cause just as much damage as the normal sized ones.

And our pale Dante was in the middle of a barrage of those things shattering around him. When they shattered, the smaller fragments made their way into his body and caused him to literally explode.

Now right after Kurt comes to this conclusion after inspecting the damage, it starts to get really sad talking about the whole thing. He starts thinking back on all the Spartan-III's he let down or couldn't protect and now this, yada yada yada.

I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not heartless or anything. I was literally crying as I read that and further. That is after I freaked out about a SPARTAN, DROPPING DEAD FOR NO APPARENT REASON!!!!!

I knew the reason as soon as they said second and third degree burns that it was the Needler that killed him, but seriously!? I mean, of all the ways that Spartans go out, in the book before Onyx there were a few Spartans that got thrown off a ship into space via Slipspace jump, then there were some at the beginning of this book who died in an explosion and battle. But THIS!? This has got to be one of the worst deaths I have ever read. I mean come on, I know that he probably wasn't much of a character in the first place, probably didn't do much, (that I remember anyway), but if they wanted him to die and then have that sad sentiment and dark thinking thing afterwords, it would have been so much better if he died while trying to protect Fred, a Spartan-II, which were people he and the rest of the Spartan-III's looked up to his whole military career. No instead he just (claps hands) drops dead. I mean, he could have done more before he died.

I realized as I was typing that it sounded like I wanted Dante to die, or I sounded really heartless as to the fact that he died at all, but I'm not. I honestly don't want anyone to die in the book except for the Covenant—mainly the Hunters, Chief Ackerson, and that Jerk Del Rio. (I know he isn't in the book but I hate that guy.) I honestly wanted Dante to live to see them all escape. I just hate what they made his death to be. Just him standing there, saying "I got nicked" then just drops dead. I mean, what Spartan should go out that way. There are worse ways to go, I know, but come on. Too sudden and too soon.

But hey, that's just me. I can't say I'm right or wrong. And you don't have to agree with me if you don't want to.

Gotta go! Watch out for some new posts coming out. One is a simulation of "Who will win Clone trooper Arc troopers or Spartan." There will be two for that, and I will be posting stuff about what is in the Halo Mytho book I have and how it could improve some stuff I may or may not have posted in the past.

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