Heyo! This Aya787 again. It's been a while since I posted, and I apologize for that. Anyway, if you read my last post, then you'll know what this is about. This is about Cortana coming back in future Halo. Not exactly though. What this is really about is how when I said that Halo can't be without an AI, someone going by ReDequinox, pointed out that not all Halo Games have an AI. And this is to clear that up. And no, he did not go about notifying me in a jerky fashion. He was actually quite nice about it. And informative. Now by this time, Halo 5 as already come out, and I have no idea what happens, I don't have the game, or an Xbox 1. But I posted my last Blog about what might happen in Halo 5, so if I'm wrong on anything, let me know ok.

Anyway, I was talking to ReDquinox just the other day about my blog. So far, he seems like a great guy, not trying to sound rude when I say that, I really do mean that he seems like a great guy. And just so I can make this clear, he is not the bad guy here. No one is. (No I don't have a crush. I already have a boyfriend). Anyway, that's not the point. In my last one, I mentioned that you can't have Halo without an AI, there is at least one AI in every Halo game right? Well, in Redquinox's words as a quote unquote, this is what he informed me of. And I'm giving you it directly from the comment section, so it's word for word.

"It's confirmed that AIs are more or less copies of the humans they were based on. So how exactly is that a theory?"

That isn't the whole comment yet, but I would like to say that that wasn't a theory so to speak, just informing those reading that don't know it. It is indeed a fact, but I wanted to make that clear for those who didn't know how an AI is created and why Cortana, of all AI's, was pared up with Master Chief.

Here's the rest of his comment, word for word.

"And what do you mean, Halo has to be with an AI? Last I recall, ODST and Reach didn't have an AI companion. Yet, Reach is my favorite of the franchise."

Well I don't doubt him there. Not all the games do have an AI companion so to speak, but they do have an AI somewhere in there. And that's what I told him. And Halo Reach is one of my favorites too, even though I haven't gotten a chance to play it myself. (Just letting you know ReDquinox) Here's my reply word for word.

"I didn't mean it like that. Reach, first off, did have an AI at the end when 6 evacuated that AI off the planet and stayed behind. The ODST's on the other hand done need an AI, and already have one build into their pods, if u read book 2 of the Halo book series. But this is all my opinion, not saying this is an official thing. U could be right, and I could be wrong. We'll just wait and see."

Now I know that my grammar and spelling absolutely SUCK in this reply, but please ignore it. That and that last line did sound a little snooty, and I apologize. I did not intent for it to come off a snooty. Anyway, like I said in the comment, I don't base all of it on raw facts. Everything I post is based on what I get from HUNT THE TRUTH, HN, Halo Wiki, Walkthroughs, what I learn from the game, and my opinion/impression that I get from what I am given. I'm not saying that any of it is true or a fact. I could be completely wrong and nothing I say could be anywhere near the truth. But I'm OK with messing up. And like I said, yes there were no AI companions so to speak, but there was some form of AI. I learned from the next comment that I'm about to show you, that and something I learned from ReDquinox, that the AI 6 evacuated from reach was indeed Cortana. Here's what he said.

"Literally the only thing you did with Cortana in Reach was transport her to the Pillar of Autumn. She said nothing. As for Auntie Dot, she hardly did anything, and she is a Dumb AI anyway, making her usefulness very limited. So, neither of them can be considered proper AI companions."

Now there's more and I'll show you that in a sec, but I got to say something first. ReDquinox is right. Neither in Reach or ODST was there ever a proper AI companion, but they were still there. Yes Auntie Dot wasn't there long and barely did a thing, and yes Cortana in Reach didn't do anything either, but there was still AI's. Now what one person considers a proper AI companionship, is something I wont argue, and in this case, like I said, ReDquinox is right. Now here's what he said next before I move on. Again, word for word, same comment.

"As for ODST, only commanders have a Dumb AI installed in their SOEIV, but there aren't any AIs in the game from the Superintendent, who barely even interacts with you."

And this goes with what I said above, ReDquinox is right, there was no companionship, only the commander got the Dumb AI, that AI was limited because it was a Dumb AI, and in both games neither AI did anything. But that's where this thought pops into my head.

(P.S. this is where the conversation ended because I decided to make this blog about it to make it easier on everyone.)

OK. After refreshing on info, and doing some homework, I think I have something. For you ReDquinox, and for all the readers. Now, I'm not saying that ReDquinox is wrong in anyway, in fact he made some good points that are correct. In ODST, the AI Auntie Dot was only ever interacting with Buck I think, even though it was for a short time, so it can't really be called an AI companion. Again, I've never played myself and I haven't finished the walthroughs yet, so I may be wrong. And when you played as the "Rookie" in the game, (For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, the "Rookie" is the first FPS that you get a First Person View from when first starting ODST. (If I'm wrong please correct me.)) Anyway, in ODST, at one point, the Rookie starts to get directions from the Superintendent, as ReDquinox mentioned in his before comments. But as he also pointed out, there was barely any interaction between the Rookie and the AI, so that can't be qualified as a AI companion either. Again, I haven't gotten the chance to play myself and haven't finished the walkthroughs, so I may be wrong. (I know that it just seems like I'm proving myself wrong so far, but just keep reading. I'll get to my point soon enough.) And in Reach, there was the AI 6 transported, otherwise known as Cortana, but she was not hooked up to the suits systems, and had not even spoken a word throughout the time she was in his possession. Which also disqualifies that from being a AI companion.

Do you see the pattern though...

If not, then skim back through... Still no? OK, I'll tell you.

There were no AI companions in either ODST or Reach. But there were still AI's. They still existed in the game. Just because you barely saw them or talked to them, and they barely talked to you doesn't mean that they were never there. As I said in my "Cortana Theory" you can't have Halo without an AI. What I meant was that so far, there hasn't been one Halo game where there was at one time or another no AI. There have always been AI's Halo. But not all of them are AI companions. You see what I'm trying to say. The AI's don't have to be AI companions to be AI's. and they show up at least one or more times in all the games, even if they don't say or do anything. They're still there. Do you see now?

If not, please let me know and I will try to clear it up as best as I can. And if you want to verify that the Comments above are accurate, them just look at the comment section on my first blog, they should be there. Also if I have anything wrong with my info, or any facts mixed up, then please let me know and I will fix them. That or I will just make another blog about it like I did this one to make it easier. Thank you for reading, and I hope you liked it and understood what I was trying to get across. See you later.