Ever since I joined Halopedia three years ago, made major contributions for over two of the three years, quit for a while, and came back, and these are still here! We've got too many pointless articles on this wiki, some of which are relevant only in the slightest to Halopedia and to which their presence hold no use whatsoever. This is really getting ridiculous, yet after all this time, I'd have thought someone thing would have been done about these for now. Take a look, we've got articles on things like bats, Beijing, and water. That's right. Water.

The reason these types of articles get me so irritated is that we don't really need them. I've thought it over, and asked myself these questions:

  1. Will people reading the books or playing the games have difficulty knowing what it is they're looking at?
  2. Will they bother to check if Halopedia has an article on it?
  3. Will they rather use Halopedia as a real-world information source than Wikipedia or something else?

The answers to these, I found, were no, no, and no. And if you ask the same questions, you might find the same answers. And in the event that the first answer is "yes", it's less likely the second will be, and perhaps near impossible the third would be as well.

What's more, these articles might be subject to edit or point system abuse. Users would just edit these pages and add something to it that can't be called out as pointless, because the article's missing so much information there's a really thin line on what should or shouldn't be there. And any user (I've met them) desperate to get their points up by any means necessary because they don't know how to contribute to Halopedia the proper way would take advantage of this loophole to exploit it for their own gains.

I am glad there has been something to be done about some of these articles already. For example, food articles like Turkey has already been squeezed together into a single list of food articles which is a lot less disorganized and keeps our outside-Halo content in more confined areas. This is a proof that the best thing to do is to put these kinds of articles together so they can all be accounted for. And as long as the list is referenced and cited, things should be a lot better, and it would be, for now, the best solution we have.