I've been putting off posting this for a while, but it's really pressing on me and I decided to write it. There's been disputes on which Covenant Cruiser you board to find Captain Keyes on the level Keyes. Some say it's the Truth and Reconciliation, some say it's just a random cruiser. I personally believe that it's not the T & R, as I'm sure the Fleet of Particular Justice had more than one cruiser at its disposal and the chances of Keyes being brought to the same ship is unlikely. On the level Keyes, Cortana said "this cruiser", but never called it by name. You'll also notice the ship was located elsewhere, and was in a series of gorges with potholes rather than at a cliffside plateau. The gravity lift on the level Keyes was at the top of a ridge and not at the cliff-edge. Also, the T & R was spaceworthy according to Major Silva, but Cortana noted that the unknown cruiser was critically damaged. While we could make a few assumptions that it is the same cruiser, we need absolute proof to be sure, and if you have any statements to offer, let me hear it. Perhaps we could finally resolve this problem.