I know there's an achievement on xbox 360 for scoring 1 million points in a firefight, but I'm not sure if there's one for 5 million. So 14 sets, 288 minutes later, I had 5,082,496 points, 1023 kills, all with a rocket launcher, and no deaths (Custom Damage resistance settings). I got my 141st Killionaire medal in that game. I think Halo: Reach should have been coded to give credits according to score insteaed of rank in custom firefights. However, it's called Sangheilopocalypse 3, so obviously all the squads are Sangheili, except the drop pods (Don't know how to disable them). Survive as long as you can with no time limit, except you're invulnerable to weapons when you're a spartan. Weapon and melee damage modifiers are at 300% of normal. Player gravity is 50% and jump height is 300%. All loadouts have Jetpacks. However all skulls except the custom skulls are active, resulting in HUGE score multiplication. Try this configuration some time, you might like it.