This is a Step-by-Step tutorial of how to get the Bandanna Skull on Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (XBOX 360). This Skull is found in the Silent Cartographer level of the game and gives the player infinite ammunition and grenades when active. I made my own strategy when explosive jumping just wouldn't cut it and I kept dying:

You will need 2 Players for this.

1. Get a Warthog. You will need at least 2 rockets for this. THIS WILL NOT WORK IF THE BOOM SKULL IS ACTIVE.

2. Drive the Warthog at such an angle of attack that you flip over halfway through the tree in the middle of the path leading up to where first Mgalekgolo of the level were.

3. Get out and use a rocket to get the Warthog all the way through.

4. Drive into the building where the second pair of Mgalekgolo were in the level. You will need another rocket to get the Warthog over the crates.

5. Drive down the hallway to the last set of windows before you go in the room with the security holopanel.

6. Drive backwards into the window in such a way that the back end protrudes from the window. Be sure it's close to the right (Directionally) end of the window.

7. Both players dismount. One player crouch jumps into the window, touching the Warthog and making sure not to fall out. The other player commits suicide.

8. Suicide player respawns on the Warthog, jumps onto the roof, and retrieves the Skull.

9. Retrieving player commits suicide again while Surviving player moves back into hallway. Suicide player respawns in hallway. What you do after that is up to you.

I hope this was very helpful. I did it this way because explosive jumping would never work. Please tell me what you think by commenting.