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  • AnargyJM

    Name: Bero 'Telcam
    Faction: Covenant Separatists
    Unit: Special Operations, Special Warfare Group of the "Fleet of Retribution".
    Specialization: Stealth Operations, Bomb disposal.
    Current location: Sanghelios.
    Gender: Male.
    Birthplace: State of 'Telcam, Sanghelios.
    Birth date: October 19th, 2511 
    Intel on Performance: Bero 'Telcam was involved in the "Battle of the Gas Mine" during the Ninth age of Reclamation against the Heretics leader: "Sesa 'Refumee". His objective was, just as his fellow commandos, to silence 'Refumee. Rtas 'Vadumee was the leader of the group, the Commander of Special Operations Divisions of the Covenant. The SpecOps' team was dropped of stealthy by Jiralhanae Chieftain "Tartarus". They entered the building silently with the element of…

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