OK guys I started playing halo in 3rd grade, starting with Halo Combat evolved. I am the biggest Halo nerd you will ever see. I have played all the games, read all the books and know every little detail about the Halo story line. Halo was my childhood and every game had something unique. Now when Bungi dropped Halo I was upset as everyone else was, but when 343i picked it up I was so happy. 343i started off great! They made a great web series (Forward on to Dawn) and they came out with 2 amazing book trilogies. I went to the midnight release of Halo 4 and that's when it all started. Why does everyone hate Halo 4? When I first heard the music I was a little freaked out, that was one thing that I didn't enjoy about Halo 4. The Campaign was great, wasn't the best but I think it was the runner up to Halo 3, it could have been longer and more challenging. I will miss firefight even thought it sucked in Halo Reach. But Spartan Ops was a great concept and I loved watching the new episode every week. Spartan Ops was basically Firefight but in a campaign kind of way.Spartan Ops became to repetitive and boring after a while. All in all I think it was a good concept and can be improved. And the there's the mulitplayer, this is where everyone decides to trash Halo 4. Personally I like customize loadouts, I can see why people dont but it doesnt make that much of a difference because each gun is unique in a different way. All Halo fans say is, they dont want Halo to be like COD. With COD every game is basically the same as the last. So when the companies try to change things so its NOT like COD you just flip out on them. Just layoff, 343i tried to see how minor changes like sprinting and loadouts would work. In my opinion I think they worked out fine, it was nothing to hate a lot. Now I dont understand how Halo 4 even resemble COD but so idiots out there say it does. I am a true Halo fan and half of you people dont even know what you are talking about. I am very confident in 343i and there is no reason to think that they wont learn from their mistakes. 343i is already coming out with an awesome PC game and and freaking TV show! cant wait for future games and other amazing things 343i has in stock.