Listen guys, after I created a few bolgs and recived so many comments I thought I should make this. Why do we all love Halo? Well its a great question and I can wirte for days why we all do. But theres something special about this franchise, something that has kept us here all these years. Halo is a great sereies fill with characters we all know and love and will remember all of our lives. Halo has some of the best music ever created for a video game (thanks Martin O'Donnell hope you do great for Destiny). Halo has amazing books and comics that acutally made me read for once. Halo has some of the best multiplay'er, competitvly and casuly. Halo has an great and complex storyline. Halo filled us with memories that we will remember all of our life. Halo is truly an amazing franchise and nothing will ever change that for me. I thank Bungie for starting this great game and 343 for picking it up. Guys listen Bungie produced great games and I know a lot of people were dissapointed with Halo 4. But come on this is freakin Halo! How can we give up on 343 so quick, they made one game. Now it doesnt take an idiot to know their mistakes and I am super confindint that 343 will pick up. We have all be on this journey together and we are a great fan base! I think we should see the good in every halo game and see it for what halo really is. There will never be a franchise like this and I would hate for it to go away. I suggest you all suscribe to Halo5follower on youtube, he is an amazing guy and really understands the community. So stick with this guys and dont give up just yet!