Personally I think Halo 4's campaign was much better then reach's but they both had their up and downs. Halo Reach was just a major disapointment to me. I ahve been I huge halo fan all my life, I started plaing with the first game and since then have read all the books, comics and played all the games. I know the story line like the back of my hand, Im just a mega halo nerd. When I saw reach was coming out, I thought It was going to be about the book The Fall of Reach (Which was amazing). I thought that we would finally get to see Fred, Kelly and Linda in a game, which fans have wanted for such a long time. But no Reach had to create a whole no spartan team and you played as yourself. Now dont get me wrong, playing as yourself was freakin awesome but I hated noble Team. There was no character development and everyone died before you got the cahnce to connect with them. Kat was a bitch, Carter was to uptight and nothing to like about, emile tryed to hard at being a badass that it was just stuiped, Jun never talked and I forgot he was there the whole time and Jorge was the only one with a good character and I could connect with. BUt right when I started to like jorge and connect with him he died and I wasnt even sad. And the worst part about reach was that the whole campaign was cannonly incorrect. This game was such a slap in the face to all diehard halo fans who knew the story line because it didnt follow it at all! Noble team were sprtan 3's and one spartan 2 (jorge). There was never suppose to be spartan 3s on reach! Also novle team meet up with Dr. Halsey, she created the spartan 2s but had no clue what spartan 3s were till about halo 2. So why does Halsey not question who these random spartans are! Lastly the pillar of autum never came sown to reach, it syaed in space the whole time so the last mission should have never happened. 

On the other hand Halo 4 had a great campaign it was to short and easy. There was great character development and I was going to cry at the end of Halo 4. And those of you who didnt understand what was going on during the campaign then read the 6 nooks that 343i it explains everything.