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Halo 5 Covenant Assassination Ideas & New Combat Knife idea

Since I love Assassinations from Halo: Reach, I thought I would give some ideas that you guys would find it awesome in Halo 5, also, since it was a  disgrace for the Combat Knife in Halo 4 to look like some Forerunner -looking Knife I've ever seen in a game, it's time that some of my Combat Knife apperance ideas will come to find it best.

Player A= Controlled Character   Player B= Enemy

^ = Assassination used in previous Halo games

Spartan vs. Unggoy

  •  Player A grabs spins Player B's arm around, then grabs his head & stabs through the side of his head, killing Player B.
  •   Player A trips B's feet on the ground, then  stabs through the back of B's head & moves it to the left. (Similar to Halo 4's Jackal Assassination 1, see Halo 4 Jackal Assassinations)
  • Player A grabs Player B by the head and slits Player B's throat.

One player is on the ground and one player is in the air

Player jumps onto B, thens stab's the Combat Knife into the side of the neck, then moves the corpse left & right.

Spartan vs. Kig-Yar

  • Player A grab's Player B's mouth & stabs Player B's back.
  •  Player A grab's Player B's head to the Ground & stabs it through the Chest.
  • Player A jumps onto Player B & stabs it through the head, while Player B's corpse falls to the ground.

Spartan vs. Brute

  • Player A jumps on Player B's back & stabs Player B in the Head, then pushes it to the ground.
  • ^ Player A climbs up Player B's back, grabs its head, and twists it to the left then the right, breaking Player B's neck.
  • Player A jumps & pushes Player B to the ground with weapon in hand, then Player A finishes him with a slash in the back-head.

Spartan vs. Elite

  • ^ Player A climbs up Player B's back, grabs its head, and twists it to the left then the right, breaking Player B's neck.
  •  Player A  slashes Player B in the chest, then finishes him off with a stab through the side of the head.
  • Player A grab Player B's mouth & silently slits Player B's throat, killing him.

Spartan vs. Hunter

  • Player A climbs onto Player B's back & slits Player B's neck.
  • Player A jumps onto Player B's shoulders & stabs Player B in the head while the corpse falls to the ground
  • Player A dodges Player B & stabs Player B in the back, then pushes Player B to the ground

Spartan vs. Drone

Combat Knife Idea

Knives in game mode (unlockables)

In game mode of Halo 5, they will have returnable Knives from Reach, Halo 3 & Halo 4. Some of them might be renamed, but more will come up soon.

These Knives will return to Halo 5

  • Reach Combat Knife (renamed to Assassin)
  • Halo 4 Combat Knife (renamed to Forerunner)
  • Reach Energy Dagger
  • Halo 3 Katana (renamed to Dragon)
  • Reach Kukri (renamed to 239 Kukri)

These are the new ones

  • Promethean Slayer Blade
  • Brute Combat Dagger
  • Soldier Combat Knife

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