Hello, if you are a member 343 Industries, which you could be reading this, then these are some things that would be added to the upcoming Halo 5, coming around 2013, tomorrow (since today is the final day of 2012) on the new Xbox 720. Here's somethings that happened on Halo 4

As we know off, a lot of us do appreciate the enjoyment of Halo 4 & it's new items that you added to the game, but a lot of fans of 343 Industries has been complaining about how there is no UNSC flying vehicle (No Hornet, Falcon or even the Pelican) & that they could wish that your forge maps can have environmental effects (Rain, Snow, Thunder, ETC). So since yes, there has been a lot of great things that you've added to Halo 4's Forge that I hope you can return all the great stuff to Halo 5's forge, but there's some stuff that you forgot about & would be appreciate the fans of Halo by returning these stuff,

Storm Covenant, UNSC & Promethean Vehicles

So since I have mentioned it about no UNSC flying vehicle in the new Halo 4's forge, not only you forgot about any new UNSC flying vehicle like the Hornet, Pelican or the UH-144 Falcon at least, there could be at least a Storm Covenant -type vehicle like the Phantom, Revenant or at least, a new Storm Covenant that either can fly or on land, for my suggestion, maybe create a new vehicle something like the Locust or the Scarab, it could be something like those two vehicles that both can combine. For my ideas here's some of them for the Storm Covenant that you could at least get an idea for Halo 5 (links coming soon)

Stalker: Heavy Armored Ground Vehicle, has two plasma turrets on the front while an Assault-Cannon as the main Plasma Motar. This vehicle can use a Mgalekgolo Heavy as the turret controller, 2 Jiralhanae has passagers & a Sangheili as a driver. 1 Driver, 1 Turret Controller, 2 Passagers

Lurker: Combat Aircraft Vehicle, has two Fuel-Rod Cannons like the Banshee, only to chase the target wherever he goes to a place. Can use a Sangheili as a driver, 2 Jiralhanae as gunners & a Unggoy Heavy as the main turret controller. 1 Driver, 2 Gunners, 1 Main Turret Controller

Serpent: Light Armored Ground Vehicle, has a Fuel-Rod Cannon at the front, 4 plasma cannon-like turrets at the sides & a Beam Rifle-type cannon at the end with a sharp tail-like armor at the end. Can use a Sangheili as a Driver, 2 Jiralhanae as main gunners, 2 Unggoy as secondary gunners & an Unggoy Heavy as back cannon. 1 Driver, 4 Gunners/ Passagers, 1 back cannon

Jiralhanae Rider: Light Armored Ground Vehicle, has two 35mm autocannons on the sides, 1 Brute Spiker cannon & two Brute Shot-like cannons on sides. Can use a Jiralhanae as a driver, a Sangheili for gunner & 2 Jiralhanae for side gunners. 1 driver, 1 gunner, 2 side gunners.

Now moving on, for the United Nations Space Command, there could be a possibility for new vehicles, both land & flying vehicles for the upcoming game, some could be quite useful in battlefield matches & gametypes. Again these could be some suggestions for any gametype or matchmaking. These are some ideas for the UNSC vehicles (links coming soon)

Wolf: Reconnaissance Ground Vehicle, has a Mounted Battle-Riffle/Machine Gun-like turret. 1 driver, 2 passagers, 1 gunner

Dragon: Dropships/Cargo Transports, has a Mounted Flamethrower & a Missile Launcher which can be switched at the bottom of the front of the control cockpit, Has 2 Machine Guns at each side & a Gauss Cannon at the end of the vehicle. 1 driver, 4 gunners, 1 back gunner, transport up to 4-14 people.

Leopard Seal: Underwater Water Commands/Transport & Cargo Vehicle, has two Missile Pod Turrets, has 4 Machine Gun Turrets on the sides. 1 driver, 4 gunners, transport up to 4-14 people. 

Now a very new thing that could've been in Halo 4, that the Prometheans could have their own vehicles or turrets in the game, which could be possible that the Prometheans might return to Halo 5 to continue the Reclaimer Trilogy. These could be the ideas on the Prometheans' new vehicles & turrets (links coming soon)

Walker: Reconnaissance Ground Vehicle, can hold for a passager. 1 driver, 1 passager

Warrior: Combat Support Ground Vehicle, has an Inceration Cannon-like gun on one arm while the other has a Lightrifle-like gun at the other arm, 1 driver only

Brawler: Reconnaissance Ground Vehicle, has a Binary Rifle-like turret at the end as the main gunner. 1 driver, 1 passager, 1 gunner

Inferno: Dropships/Cargo Transport, has an Inceration Flamethrower mounted to the bottom of the control cockpit.  1 driver, transport up to 4-14 people.

Forerunner Turret: Anti-Infantry Turret, has twin Lightrifle-like guns. 1 controller

Sangheili, Jiralhanae & Storm Covenant News with new Promethean enemies

Now this is something you should read before you write a comment on what you think. In Halo 4, all fans were disappointed about how you removed playing as a Sangheili since that was the way that Halo made us, the fans, really play these games, now as I insure you, The Storm Covenant Sangheili should return to Forge, Custom Games, Multiplayer Matchmaking, ETC for us to return the enjoyment of playing as the Sangheili of the Storm Covenant. But not only that, I think that there's a great idea for the fans to also enjoy with, the Jiralhanae. Now as you see, the latest game we seen them was in Halo: Reach, Halo: ODST & Halo 3, since yes some of you do want the Jiralhanae returning for the Storm Covenant since we didn't had a chance to see them at all in Halo 4. The best idea that I should put this is that let players play as the new Jiralhanae in Forge, Custom Games, Multiplayer Matching & more. Now for the Sangheili, since we had been introduced to the new ranks of the Sangheili, I think a best Idea is to return at least some of the Halo: Reach Sangheili that we didn't had a chance to see yet since Reach & some of them should be at least the Sangheili Ultra (The Sangheili Commander does look similar to it though) or the Sangheili Major since I want to see some of the enemies return to the sight of Halo 5 (of course you did return some things from Reach that enjoyed us all like the Assassinations). Now the Storm Covenant, yes there was reallly good stuff you did introduced us into like the new enemies & Armor Abilities, but at least for the enemies, return some of the Halo: Reach enemies of the Original Covenant Empire into the Storm Covenant. Now these are the enemies from the previous Halo or new enemies that would like to return for Halo 5.

(sorry about the images not showing, if you want to see it, click the links in the image section of the chart)

Enemy Image Description/New Appearance
Storm Covenant: Jiralhanae
War Chieftain [1] The Jiralhanae Chieftains rely upon powerful weapons like Portable Plasma CannonsStorm Carbines, [[Type-25 CarbineStorm Spikers]], Jiralhanae Rifles  and Fuel Rod Guns, though they will occasionally wield Gravity Hammers, to crush their foes, while often using Hardlight ShieldsDrop Shields or Overshield. Their armor cannot be stuck by Plasma Grenades/Spike Grenades or Needler needles. However, they can be stuck by Incendiary Grenades or their weapon can by any sticking grenade for an immediate kill. They're appearance will be similar to that of Halo 3, but will be more detailed. Can change armor color (Red or Golden) Identification: Dark Golden Armor.
Chieftain [2] These Jiralhanae Chieftains are clad in crimson/black armor and wield close-ranged Melee weapons such as Gravity Hammers. They also sometimes use Portable Plasma Turrets, Storm Carbines, Jiralhanae Rifles or Fuel Rod Cannons. They use Overshield, Hardlight Shield or Drop Shields. Their Power Armor cannot be stuck by Plasma/Spike grenades or Needler needles. However, they can be stuck by Incendiary Grenades. Also, their weapon can be stuck by any sticking grenade They're appearance will be combined from Halo 3's & Halo: Reach's. Can change armor color (Red, Orange, Black or White) Identification: Black and Red Armor.
Brute Captain [3] The Jiralhanae Captains are experienced Jiralhanae who now lead their comrades and the lesser races into battle. They can wield s|Storm Spikers & Jiralhanae Rifles. They're appearance will be combined with Halo 3's & Halo: Reach's. Can change armor color (Cyan, Green, Golden)  Identification: Purple-Red Armor.
Brute Honor Guard [4] Jiralhanae Honor Guards once before were in league with the Prophets, now are in league with the Storm Covenant leader, Jul 'Mdama and guards for the Leader after the three San'Shyuum were killed. They will look similar from Halo 2, but more detailed & more fearsome. Can wield Storm Carbines, Brute Shots, Jiralhanae Rifles & Energy Staves. Identification: Orange, Yellow and Red Ceremonial Armor; Red Flag.
Brute Bodyguard [5] Jiralhanae Bodyguards are some of the Chieftain's most reliable warriors and not only protect their chieftain but enforce his tribal law. They seem to be the Jiralhanae counterparts of the Honor Guard Sangheili. They will have the same appearance from Halo 3, but more detailed & more fearsome. Can wield Fuel Rod Cannons & Jiralhanae Rifles. Can change colors (Steel Blue, White, Black) Unit. Identification: Grayish-Blue/Steel Blue armor.
Jump Pack Jiralhanae [6] These veteran Jiralhanae utilize jump packs to launch aerial attacks from afar, and use their enhanced mobility for guerrilla battle tactics. They seem to be the Jiralhanae counterparts of the Ranger Sangheili Unit. They will have the same armor from Halo 3, but will have a similar helmet to the Ranger Sangheili. Can wield Jiralhanae Rifles, Storm Spikers & Storm Carbines. Can change armor color (Blue, Green, Red) Identification: Jump pack, Blue armor.
Special-Ops Jiralhanae [7] Special Ops Jiralhanae (Jiralhanae Stalkers) are the secret police of the Jiralhanae and specialize in stealth techniques with their Active camouflage generators. They seem to be the Jiralhanae counterparts of the Special-Ops Sangheili unit. Will have a better detailed helmet but the armor will be similar to the Spec-Ops Sangheili. Can wield Jiralhanae Rifles, Storm Carbines, Storm Spikers & Beam Rifles. Identification: Grayish Black armor
Jiralhanae Ultra [8] Jiralhanae Ultras are now armed with violet Armor, they are comprised of the best of the regular infantrymen, showing tact, cunning skill and strength. Can wield Jiralhanae Rifles, Storm Spikers & Brute Shots. Will have same armor from Halo 3, but detailed. Identification: Purple-Blue/Indigo armor.
Jiralhanae Major [9] Jiralhanae Majors are clad in dark blue Armor and are promoted in a similar fashion to the Sangheili. They are promoted on the casualties they inflict. Will have same armor from Halo 3, but with a different helmet & more detailed armor. Identification: Blue armor.
Jiralhanae Minor [10] Jiralhanae Minors are the lowest rank of the Jiralhanae race, clad in less turquoise Armor and typically armed with the Type-25 Carbine. Not only do they compete for their posting but also for their equipment. They will have the same appearance from Halo: Reach. Only wields Storm Spikers & Storm Carbines. Identification: Teal-Green armor
Enemy Image Description/New Appearance
Storm Covenant: Sangheili
Sangheili Ultra [11] These are the Covenant's Colonels and Captains, they command individual operations, and are identified with predominantly white armor. Will have the same armor from Reach, but more detailed. Can wield Concussion RiflesStorm RiflesStorm CarbinesPlasma Launchers, Fuel Rod Cannons , Focus Rifles & Energy Swords (They rarely wield Gravity HammersBeam Rifles & Plasma Cannons). Identification: White Armor
Sangheili Major [12] This veteran Sangheili warrior holds the ranking equivalent of a UNSC Lieutenant. Overall they are more agile, more accurate and more aggressive than Minor Sangheili and rarely make tactical mistakes in combat. A single Major Sangheili can hold its own against an entire squad of UNSC Marines. They can be seen leading Unggoy and Minor Sangheili into battle. They will have the same armor from Reach, but more detailed. Can wield Concussion Rifles, Storm Rifles, Storm Carbines, Focus Rifles & Energy Swords (They rarely wield Gravity Hammers, Beam Rifles & Fuel Rod Cannons) Identification: Orange & Gray Armor
Enemy Image Description/New Appearance
Storm Covenant: Kig-Yar
Kig-Yar Zealot The Kig-Yar Zealot is the rarest of the Kig-Yar Structure. As with Sangheili Zealots, they are presumably tasked with missions of religious importance to the Covenant, such as artifact retrieval. They have a full detailed armor like the Storm Sangheili Zealot, & the armor's color is the same as the Sangheili Zealot's armor. They wield Storm Carbines, Beam Rifles & Focus Rifles. It is also the only Kig-Yar Rank who can use Active Camoflauge while sniping from high rocks. They can also have Black Point Defense Gauntlets since they are the only Kig-Yar-type sniper rank who can use a Point Defense Gauntlet.
Kig-Yar General The highest of the Kig-Yar Structure. These Kig-Yar are well experienced with leading Unggoy into battle, as they also follow the Sangheili Generals into battle also. They have heavy armor which is the same color & armor of the Sangheili Warriors & have Purple Point Defense Gauntlets in battle. They wield Plasma Pistols & Needlers while they rarely wield s|Storm Spikers in some missions. They can also wield Beam Rifles, Storm Carbines & Focus Rifles when their Gauntlets are turned off. They can sometimes use Thruster Packs when they can try to escape from the battlefield.
Kig-Yar Commander The secondary highest of the Kig-Yar Structure. These Kig-Yar, along with Kig-Yar Generals & Sangheili Commanders, take orders & control of the squad, it commands. They have white blue-like armor & have Green Point Defense Gauntlets. They wield Plasma Pistols, Needlers & rarely, Storm Spikers. When they have their Gauntlets turned off, they wield Storm Carbines, Beam Rifles & Focus Rifles. They sometimes use Hologram to distract the player while they try to escape from the battlefield.
Kig-Yar Major Major Kig-Yar are more experienced than Minors and are issued stronger point-defense gauntlets. They will have Red-Crimson armor & a detailed Gauntlet. They have Red Point Defense Gauntlets & wields Plasma Pistols, Needlers & rarely, Storm Spikers. They can sometimes use Hologram (see Kig-Yar Commander above) to distract the player while try to either hold off or escape the battlefield unnoticed
Enemy Image Description/New Appearance
Storm Covenant: Unggoy
Unggoy Ultra [13] These Unggoy serve as field officers to their comrades, and wear distinctive white-lilac or silver armor (reminiscent of the Sangheili Ultras). While they appear to have some authority over lesser-ranked Unggoy, they have no control whatsoever over the other Covenant races (except for Kig-Yar). They are stronger opponents than their subordinates, and are more accurate with firearms, throw plasma grenades more often, and wear heavier armor. They will have the returning armor from Reach back in Halo 5, but more detailed & the helmet will be similar EVA-like. They can wield Plasma Pistols, Needlers & rarely, Storm Spikers & Fuel Rod Cannons. They can change armor color (White, Blue or Black)
Special Operations Unggoy [14]

These Unggoy are experienced and specially-chosen, usually commanded by the special operations Sangheili, and are given distinctive jet-black armor. They are part of the Covenant Special Operations division of the Covenant Special Warfare Group. They are extremely skilled in warfare compared to their lower-ranked counterparts, and won't panic too often in combat situations, if they do at all. They will have the same returning armor from Reach, but more detailed & maybe a combined similar helmet from Reach's & Halo 4's Unggoy Heavy helmet. They will also have Active Camoflauge so they can turn invisible when trying to escape the Battlefield. They can wield Plasma Pistols, Needlers, Fuel Rod Cannons, Plasma Launchers & rarely, Storm Spikers. They can change armor color (Black or Blue)

Unggoy Major [15] Similar to a UNSC as a Lance Corporal, they are more experienced than Unggoy Minors, and they command several Unggoy Minors and are slightly more skilled in combat and courageous, though this difference is not always substantial. They will have the same armor from Halo Reach's, but more detailed & more similar to the normal Storm Unggoy. They can wield Plasma Pistols, Needlers, & rarely, Storm Spikers, Fuel Rod Cannons & Plasma Launchers. They can change armor color (Red or Blue).
Unggoy General These Unggoy are the most highest of the Unggoy Rank structure. They wear heavy golden armor, similar to that of the Sangheili General & the Kig-Yar General. They can wield Plasma Pistols, Needlers, Fuel Rod Cannons, Plasma Launchers & rarely, Storm Spikers.
Unggoy Pilot These Unggoy are the professional experienced in flying & anti-air vehicles of the Storm Covenant. They wear armor that is similar to the Storm Unggoy Heavy & the Storm Unggoy Ranger. They wield Plasma Pistols, Needlers, Fuel Rod Cannons, Plasma Launchers & sometimes, Storm Spikers. They usually have Jetpacks like the Sangheili Ranger, Kig-Yar Ranger & Unggoy Ranger when they try their sky attack, although it could be bery hard when they have a Fuel Rod Cannon or a Plasma Launcher, mostly on higher difficulty such as Legendary. They can be seen on the Battlefield with a Ranger-type squad, but mostly in Storm Covenant Anti-Air vehicles like Banshees, Phantoms, Lurkers or Liches (if the Lich holds the Unggoy Pilot as the secondary driver or pilot), making them sometimes the commander-type pilot of an air ship like a Phantom or a Lich.
Enemy Image Description/New Appearance
Storm Covenant: Mgalekgolo

Mgalekgolo Major

These Mgalekgolo are the more experienced than normal Storm Mgalekgolo. They have a more detailed fully covered armor which can be changed armor colors (Red, Golden or Blue). They have a fully power energy shield like the Sangheili ranks. They have a longer beam fired from the Assault Cannon instead of a normal shot from an Assault Cannon. Identification: Red-Crimson armor.
Mgalekgolo Ultra These Mgalekgolo are the highest experienced rank of Megalekgolo. They have a more detailed fully covered white armor which can be changed colors (White or Black). They have the full power energy shield, but has two Assault Cannons & two Shields on each arm, so they can switch between attack rage & defense mode. The Assault Cannons can switch between normal Assault Cannon shots or the beam-type shots. Their back armor & spikes cannot be removed which will stay on no matter what so the back armor & spikes will stay impact on the non-removable armor. Identification: White armor.
Mgalekgolo Heavy These Professional Experienced Mgalekgolo serve as the Heavy-Type of the Mgalekgolo rank structure. They have a fully covered green armor which can be changed colors (Green or Blue). They have the fully power energy shield, but can shoot Fuel Rod Cannons when their Assault Cannon shots the green projectile (beam or normal shot), making it shoot three shots, which can be very difficult on Legendary. They usually control the Main Fuel-Rod Cannon Turret of the Stalker, a counterpart of the Wraith which both Wraith & Stalker, together, can be very hard to destroy in Halo 5, mostly on Legendary as well. They have a mask which looks like the same mask, they use on the Storm Unggoy Heavy so it would be hard to shoot in the neck, due of the mask covering the face & which the mask woun't be removed. Their back armor & spikes, like the Mgalekgolo Ultra, cannot be removed, no matter what so the back armor & spikes will stay impact on the non-removable armor. Identification: Green armor.

These will be a few notes of the Returning/New Storm Covenant enemies

  • The Wraith as said in the Mgalekgolo Heavy section will make a return in Halo 5, although both Wraith & Stalker can be verry difficult on a higher difficulty, mostly on Legendary
  • Mgalekgolo Back Armor & Spikes for the Mgalekgolo Heavy & Ultra cannot be removed from any thing, Melee Attack, Gernades, Bullets, Explosives, Anti-Vehicle Weapons, Turrets, ETC, although, the Minors & Majors' back armor can be removed, but it can be very difficult on higher difficulty, especially Legendary.
  • Unlike in the Previous Halo games, in Halo 5, you are able to assassinate the Mgalekgolo. When trying to Assassinate a Hunter, when they try their shield blow attack, quickly run at their back & press the Melee Button to do an Assassination, so overall they can be very easy if you avoid their blow attack, but sometimes it could be difficult when other enemies, Prometheans or Storm Covenant, are trying to shoot at you so it could be best you could take out the other enemies before you try to assassinate the Hunter.
  • The Mgalekgolo Heavy as said in the comments won't be appeared more often in the Campaign (except missions, 7 & 9) so there won't be any worries about them be very difficult to the player
  • The Unggoy Pilot will be seen in the battlefield, but they can be mostly seen with the "Ranger" Storm Squads (Jig-Yar Rangers, Unggoy Rangers, Sangheili Rangers). They will control all Strom Covenant anti-air vehicles but can be mostly seen with driving Banshees into battle.
  • The Unggoy Generals can be mostly seen with the Unggoy Heavies, but in case the Heavies aren't there in battle, they will take command for the Unggoy with the Sangheili Generals.
  • Special Operations Unggoy can be seen sometimes in the Campaign, but will be seen if a Zealot is in the battlefield, in command.
  • The Unggoy Ultra can be seen with Unggoy Generals most often, but can be in command if a Sangheili Ultra is in the Command.
  • Kig-Yar Majors, Commanders & Minors will be seen more often in the campaign, but the Kig-Yar Generals & Zealots will be seen if a Sangheili General or a Sangheili Zealot is in the battlefield.
  • Sangheili "Warriors" will be renamed to Sangheili "Generals" since they will return with a more similar appearance to more of the Sangheili General from Halo Reach instead of a similar appearance to the Jiralhanae War Chieftain from Halo 3 as seen in Halo 4.
  • Sangheili Majors will be seen more often with either a Sangheili Commander or a Sangheili Ultra as a secondary role of commanding the Storm Covenant into battle. 
  • Jiralhanae Minors, Majors & Ultras will be also seen more often in battle in the Campaign, the Jump Pack Jiralhanae will be seen as a "Back-Bone" of the Storm Covenant, the Captains, Chieftains & War Chieftains will be in command for the Jiralhanae in case if the Sangheili Majors, Ultras, Zealots, Generals or Commanders are not in command or if they will be in the battlefield, but commanding the other allies of the Storm Covenant on battle grounds.
  • Jiralhanae in Halo 5, can be assassinated, but each one will have it's one type of Assassination, for example, John-117 will kill a Jiralhanae Chieftain by slashing it's leg, then stabing one knife in the back while the other knife in the neck, like combinding the Sangheili Assassination from Reach & the other Sangheili Assassination from Halo 4.
  • In Halo 5, the "Assassination Combat Knife" will be redesigned & will make it more like the Combat Knife from Reach (appearance of that of a Bowie Knife)

Now the new Promethean Enemies, now as I believe, the Ur-Didact could return since where he fell into the rounded chasm is a portal so he could find a way out. I think there should be a new enemy for the Didact (yes, Crawlers, Knights & Watchers will return to Halo 5), to the name, I would call it "Promethean Slayers" since they are like the Sangheili, except they are masters of weaponry, vehicles & smarter with Forerunner knowledge than a Sangheili (who knows Storm Covenant knowledge). They could have weapons like BoltshotsSuppressorsLight RiflesScattershots & rarely, Incineration Cannons or Binary Rifles. Since now the Didact has created these servants, they've been sent to hunt down John-117 for the revenge, he did for the destruction of Earth as seen in Halo 4 near the end of the Campaign, where he attacked him from an Exploding Pulse grenade. They will have new weapons for them such as Promethean Blade, a large curved knife on their top wrist that can do an Assassination on a Spartan so it is best you can avoid it, but you can receive it if you kill a Promethean Slayer. They will use Hardlight Shields mostly, but they can also use Thruster Packs & rarely if in league with the Storm Covenant, Active Camoflauge. They can be in league with the Strom Covenant, in holds of the Didact, but mostly be in holds of the main commanders along with the Knights. They will appear mostly in the Campaign including at the end. The Promethean Slayers not only has the Didact as the main leader, but they also have a Leader themselves also. The leader, Shal' Shadoom, commads the Slayers into battle, but the Didact takes orders to him for the Slayers to kill John-117. Shal', similar to his Slayers, has two large blades on top of his two wrists for extra leader damage on 117. He does have a Light Rifle, but he also has a Storm Covenant Carbine (in league with Jul'Madama) & two Promethean Knives

Forge, Firefight, Spartans Ops, Sangheili Ops, New Custom Games & Invasion.


In Halo 5, it would be helpful to have Firefight returning to the spotlight. In Halo 5, Firefight will be in the section of "Ops" where Spartan Ops, Sangheili Ops & Firefight is at. In Firefight settings, there are "Firefight Rounds" (the settings for Firefight Rounds, Number of enemies, Skulls, Hazards, ETC), "Spartan" (the settings for the player as a Spartan for it's traits, damage, movement, appearance, ETC), "Sangheili" (the settings for the player as a Sangheili for it's traits, damage, movement, appearance, ETC), "Slayer" (for the player as a Promethean Slayer for it's traits, damage, movement, appearance, ETC) & "Bonus Traits" (for Firefight to have Double XP in ranking or special traits for players to rank up faster in Firefight. All the Storm Covenant enemies will be in Firefight, along with some Prometheans, but instead of most enemies coming from Phantom Dropships, the Prometheans appear from their flash like in Halo 4. 

Spartan Ops & Sangheili Ops

For Spartan Ops, It will be the same as in Halo 4, but for Settings, you can disable or enable Skulls on for the fans to enjoy Spartan Ops as always. A New addition to Spartan Ops is "Custom Ops" which is sort of like Forge, but you can have things used for your own Custom Spartan Ops Mission. The sections are "Enemies" (can place Storm Covenant, Forerunner & Flood Enemies & Enemy Spawns), "Scenery & Structure (for placing Storm Covenant, Flood & Forerunner Scenery & Structure), "Gadgets & Spawns" (For Special FX, Lights, Spawing), "Weapons & Equipment" (For placing Strom Covenant & Forerunner Weapons & Equipment), ETC. Another addition to Spartan Ops is Sangheili Ops, a multiplayer-story- themed section of Missions as you play your Customized Sangheili in the Player section of your main hub.


Now forge is our favorite moment of Halo & no one should miss that out of Halo 5, what will be different that the maps from Halo 4, Ravine, Erosion & Impact will like to have a return, but the best thing that should happen is the Forge Word from Halo: Reach would like to return with more extra stuff (Same Forerunner Walls, A Cave/Mine under the Waterfall, ETC) except Forge Word will be renamed to "Versella" for a better name. The new maps will look like this in description

  • A Huge Covenant themed Structure/Jungle Island
  • A Large snowy UNSC base
  • A Forerunner similar-themed Island (similar to Tempest from Halo: Reach's Noble Map Pack)
  • A Ruins Base (similar to Halo 3's Sierra 117 Mission)
  • A Volcanic Forerunner Area
  • A Dessert UNSC base

More Coming Soon!