Alex Lioce

aka WerewolfNightmare

  • I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • I was born on July 5
  • My occupation is Steam Player (formerly play XBOX)
  • I am Male
  • Alex Lioce

    So as we all know of, Halo: Anniversary has the same better graphics as Halo: Reach so if Halo: Anniversary had the Anniversary map pack from Halo: Reach, maybe Halo 2's remake could have the Defiant Map Pack & that Halo 3's remake could have the Noble Map Pack, now that would be cool huh? anyone wants to give ideas out?

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  • Alex Lioce

    Since I love Assassinations from Halo: Reach, I thought I would give some ideas that you guys would find it awesome in Halo 5, also, since it was a  disgrace for the Combat Knife in Halo 4 to look like some Forerunner -looking Knife I've ever seen in a game, it's time that some of my Combat Knife apperance ideas will come to find it best.

    Player A= Controlled Character   Player B= Enemy

    ^ = Assassination used in previous Halo games

    •  Player A grabs spins Player B's arm around, then grabs his head & stabs through the side of his head, killing Player B.
    •   Player A trips B's feet on the ground, then  stabs through the back of B's head & moves it to the left. (Similar to Halo 4's Jackal Assassination 1, see Halo 4 Jackal Assassinations)
    • Player A gra…

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  • Alex Lioce

    Hello, if you are a member 343 Industries, which you could be reading this, then these are some things that would be added to the upcoming Halo 5, coming around 2013, tomorrow (since today is the final day of 2012) on the new Xbox 720. Here's somethings that happened on Halo 4

    As we know off, a lot of us do appreciate the enjoyment of Halo 4 & it's new items that you added to the game, but a lot of fans of 343 Industries has been complaining about how there is no UNSC flying vehicle (No Hornet, Falcon or even the Pelican) & that they could wish that your forge maps can have environmental effects (Rain, Snow, Thunder, ETC). So since yes, there has been a lot of great things that you've added to Halo 4's Forge that I hope you can return all t…

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