Hello there! It's me, Locke, here to talk about UNSC Special Forces groups that are fan made. Again, as with all my fan-made stuff, you can consider the facts I present to be unchangeable or not. I really don't care. I just do these for fun. And now, presenting the UNSC Special Operations Groups!


  • 75th Ranger Regiment
  • 37th Airborne

75th Ranger Regiment

The 109th Ranger Regiment was formed in 2509 as a unit dedicated to fighting the Insurrection on its own terms. This meant that, like the Inssurection, they would specialize in "Unconventional Warfare", i.e. guerilla warfare and tactics. They were formed in 2514, and would first be deployed four years later. They quickly gained a reputation for being highly effective, to the point that one Insurrectionist would describe them as "Human-looking robotic killing machines. They kill anything that moves!". As one Marine put it:

"Yes to that. And they still do."

In 2525, the unit was called to Harvest to help repel the Covenant assault. It was there that they showed their effectiveness completely, harrassing and in some cases obliterating entire Covenant legions. During the fight for Jericho VII, they would be called in to destroy a Scarab that was defending an important outpost. This would be their first failed mission, a harbinger of their luck to come.

The 75th had a slew of losses that reduced their morale to the point where suicide was a regular occurence, about one per month. However, this would change with the Battle of Fumirole.

During the Battle of Fumirole, the 75th regained its former efficiency, taking down many objectives easily. As one member said, "It was as if...[God] had granted us the will to fight... we fought back against the assault, and almost completely repelled it." On Reach, they were much more effective, even destroying a Spire like the one Noble Team encountered singlehandedly.

On Earth, the Rangers were pulled back to dfend critical infrastructure. They were the most effective here, averaging 15-20 kills per casualty.

37th Airborne