(This is something I posted as a comment and then decided to put out as a brand new forum due to its size. It's about how 343 is doing right by Halo by changing it, rather than wallowing in nostalgia until the stream of players dries up. It's long, but please read. I consider it important that it be heard. It may just change some people's minds.)

I get why people don't like AA's, as they detract from the skill aspects of the game due to the element of randomness. In Reach, they were acceptable, partially because they were few in number, and secondly that no one had enough heart to have a go at Bungie in the same way people are having a go at 343 now. (BTW, I believe that there was nothing wrong with armour lock so long as it was used skilfully and with restraint, such as to crash a ghost/deflect a rocket. Which was never, admittedly.)

But I find it downright INFURIATING when people just say: "Just make Halo 5's multiplayer exactly the same as H2 or H3." In the incisive words of the respected reviewer Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw, "A good sequel--like Half-Life 2, Silent Hill 2, Tranmere Rovers 3--is one that uses the original as a jumping-off point for a whole new story with whole new technology, while a bad sequel merely wallows in the original, like a hippo in a vat of liquidized children. "

And what people are asking for is exactly that: Not a vat of liquidised children, but a bad sequel. A sequel that makes no attempt to innovate, changing nothing because that's just how people like it at that moment. By complying to the demands of these so-called Halo devotees, 343 would be making Halo more like CoD than any amount of loadouts or perks ever could. And no Halo fan wants that. Ever.

And, in all honesty, what would Bungie have done if it was still here? Probably the same thing 343 did. Introduce a few new popular ideas into the game that ultimately were disliked, (and I'm willing to bet people would have forgiven Bungie for it, unlike what they're doing to poor old 343) but in this next one, they know us that little bit better, and they're fixing it. I for one am ecstatic to find out that they're giving Spartans new badass latent abilities, and good on 343 for it. If Bungie had churned out a few Halo games between CE and 2, not radically changing the multiplayer, and then asked people whether they wanted boarding and dual-wielding, they probably would have said no. People don't know what they want until they've got it!

So, overall, 343 is a brave and decisive company that deserves to be in charge of Halo, giving us new Spartan Abilities to freshen up the multiplayer experience without taking away the Halo feel, and giving us brilliant new mechanics to put a new spin on the classic competitive play now people will have to master new techniques. Huzzah!