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aka George Rose

  • I live in London
  • My occupation is being rubbish at video games to make other people feel better.
  • I am male and proud.
  • Agent Hawaii

    (This is something I posted as a comment and then decided to put out as a brand new forum due to its size. It's about how 343 is doing right by Halo by changing it, rather than wallowing in nostalgia until the stream of players dries up. It's long, but please read. I consider it important that it be heard. It may just change some people's minds.)

    I get why people don't like AA's, as they detract from the skill aspects of the game due to the element of randomness. In Reach, they were acceptable, partially because they were few in number, and secondly that no one had enough heart to have a go at Bungie in the same way people are having a go at 343 now. (BTW, I believe that there was nothing wrong with armour lock so long as it was used skilfu…

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