I think there should be a new Halopedian group called the SPARTANs of Halopedia. It would basically be a branch-off of the UNSC of Halopedia, only with a new rank system, and they would cover all articles related to humanity, instead of just the UNSC. They would edit anything related to the insurrectionists, UNSC, rebels, civilians, and most importantly the SPARTAN-Is, IIs, and IIIs. I'm thinking that the ranks would be based on number of edits made to human related articles after joining, and the ranks would go like this.

Candidates:The candidates would basically be anyone that signs up for the SPARTANs of Halopedia.

Boots:The boots, or trainees, would be the next rank.

Crewmen:SPARTANs that have made it to the first actual level.

Petty Officer 3rd Class

Petty Officer 2nd Class

Petty Officer 1st Class

Chief Petty Officer

Senior Chief Petty Officer

Master Chief Petty Officer

Command Master Chief Petty Officer


Ensign:After passing the rank of CMCPO, the Halopedian will have reached the enlisted ranks, starting with Ensign, then moving onto

Junior Lieutenant


Lieutenant Commander



With Captain being the highest rank attainable, due to the fact that SPARTANs are bred for combat, and a position as an Admiral would defy that purpose. The captains would be the managers of the SoH, and would basically run the whole operation. I really hope that all you Admins out there will look into this, as I think that it's a really cool idea.