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  • Ablackbourn862

    Gametype factory

    October 21, 2014 by Ablackbourn862

    You all should know what a gametype is, well, you can make your own here (fantasy of course)

    What you do is add in a name, description, and what it is.  Try to make it as detailed as possible. 

    do it like this:

    Name: AI time.

    Description: Use the Forge to spawn AI, and fight them in this gametype

    Max players: 4

    How it works: Using player-made maps only, you use this gametype to spawn AI and fight them. If you get the highest rank (15, shown below) you are reccommended to 343I

    There are 15 ranks. 

    1: Wow, what are you THINKING?!

    3: Really?

    5: Wow.

    8: OK


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  • Ablackbourn862

    More Lol less Zz

    October 20, 2014 by Ablackbourn862

    Really, its easy. Just make pages a bit funnier. not too much that it has a lack of USABLE info. and not so that it makes the wiki less appropriate. Use your imagination to do this. i cannot tell you HOW many times i have  been nearly BORED to death. Moderators, do anything you want about this i tried to go on chat but im still banned... post thoughts on comments!

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