Hey the spy1 read this its very important. we all read about the spy1 blog right well guess what i wont approve off that. you see the xbox only had 2 halo games CE and 2, but the 360 had enought games that lasted and im naming all of them, 3, odst, wars, reach, CE aniversery, and 4. But you guys want 2 aniversery for the 360 well thats a no no. its time to move on. right now the only thing people with the xbox one could play is Spartan Assault, and it not fair that they have too wait 2 years for a new halo game and wait several months for the MC collection.

And because if they made an aniversery for the 360 we would all spend like 40 bucks extra when we could have the MC collection. Also 343 would release it the same day halo 2 was made so it would kinda mess things up cause people who wanted the aniversery for 360 would have and xbox one right about now and that there would be less buyers so 343 and microsoft would spend lots of money for a remake everyone requested but didnt get paid enought. Thats all i have to say i got more reasons but im pretty sure you guys get me.