Hello guys you are probably reading this to know more about halo 5 gaurdains, like if you are a huge halo fan but yet you are confused because in the end of halo 4 master chief tooked of his armor. And most of you halo fans did not like halo 4 but now im pretty sure 343 is planning something that made lots of people buy an Xbox One. So this blog is basiclly what i think of halo 5 gaurdians.

So alot of crazy things is gonna happen next year and im pretty exited. But theres new things too like armor abilities, weopens, whole bunch of stuff, but then theres a new character too name agent locke. I think agent locke was like working for Dr. halsey because in his breast plate you'll see a oni symbol and you'll see yellow and green marks. also I did a ton of research and my opinion on halo 5 is that its going to be good but the only thing is that they are mostly working on campaing instead of multiplayer or any other game modes llike does anyone notice that. Im pretty concerned that halo 5 might be like destiny made by former halo developers Bungie.

Thats it for today and i just like to say that the only thing 343 might need to improve is the storyline because I don't get how one scond master chief is taking out his armor and next second boom he out kicking ass.