Halo, It's why you are on the Halo Nation Wikia. Why I am writing this? I have a question that every fan has at least thought of once. We know that Halo 5 and 6 will come out eventually because they announced it at E3 2011, but what lies ahead? I want it to never end, given that it gets somewhat better, and I want the classic feel back to it. There has been a lot of hate against Halo 4 and 343 Industries capability to take on the responsibilities that Bungie had has been questioned, could this drive the series to a disturbing end after the Reclaimer trilogy ends? Halo 5's expectations have not been the best, if you disagree, just look at a little of whats in the community. But back to the big picture, Halo 5 and 6, what is going to happen in these upcoming games? We can assume that some mentions to Cortana will be made, but how far will they play on that card? How about the Forerunner Bird Like Promethean in the teaser trailer, I'm guessing that holds some sort of Canonical value. But perhaps the biggest question, how will John-117's story end?  There have been controversy on this topic, new ideas and alternate endings that have tossed my mind about. Personally, I hope that he doesn't die, just like most other fans. Halo 6 probably is going to bring something unexpected, like new third party antagonists, or even allies.

Halo probably is going to fade out just like its competitors such as Call of Duty, Gears of War, Mass Effect and other series, but when is this going to happen? Some of those series (including Halo) have been around for some time, even as long as the “Golden age of gaming” games and have even surpassed the older legendary games reputation. The games that started in the mid 2000s and are still popular are beginning to gain a bad reputation because they don't even try anymore. Games such as these include Halo 4. Will Halo make a comeback with Halo 5 or the rumored Halo 2 anniversary?  I guess we will have to wait and see on how it will do with the public.

So in my personal conclusion, I do want Halo to live on, I don't want them to drag on with the past (Like never letting the old characters 'go quiet') and I don't want John-117 to die. Please leave a comment on what storyline you think Halo would (Or should) take, please give your opinion on how newer Halo games are possibly losing quality, and how you think if Halo can make a surprising comeback.