Hello readers. I, 1hs444, wrote this blog for all of you to bite your nails about an entire year ago, but I somehow forgot to publish it!  Well, fellow Halo Nationals, I hope you enjoy reading this speculatory, and intriguing blog.  Blow the dust off of the history books, because here is a look at a Halo fans thoughts a year ago:

When you read the title of this haphazardly thrown together blog, you may think that I'm talking about the endlessly long debate on if John-117 will die in the Reclaimer Saga, but actually, I'm writing on a subject that you probably haven't even thought about before. Will the Chief be a Lieutenant, or even Captain someday instead of his memorable rank?

Halo 4 ended on a note where 117 could be promoted, after all, for the millionth time he has saved humanity, stopped the unstoppable and even caused a chaotic demotion for Andrew Del Rio, by having FLEETCOM force him out of command of the UNSC Infinity. For someone who has been saving lives, for being the center point of the Halo franchise, for whooping the Covenant for over 33 years, getting every medal other then the POW medal in the UNSC, and for stopping ancient Forerunner wonders from annihilating much of the Galaxy for three times, I think that a promotion is needed.

We all know that “Master Chief” is so closely associated with John, but it still seems ridiculous and silly to keep him as an NCO. The name “Mister Chief”, used as a parody on Master Chief, has been used multiple times making a switch from Master Chief to Lieutenant or another rank difficult. However, if Cortana goes, then possibly the name that she commonly calls him by (“Chief”) could die with Halo 4 as well. Gamers not associated with Halo don't even know the Chief by his actual name nor number, and call him Master Chief rather than John-117. This will make it really difficult for 343i to give him a higher rank, but hey, the end of the Reclaimer Saga will make everyone question.

One last thing to bring up before I go, I think that in the Believe trailers for Halo 3, they address John as the 'Chief', so this probably means that what I'm saying won't happen, and the Chief will stay as the Chief until he is laid to rest. I can go back and forth on if he will be promoted, bringing up interesting factors from the future Believe trailers, talking about how this would effect the casual gamers perspective on him, or your own perspective.

To wrap it up, I will let you discuss the topic to death in the comment section below, and tell me what you think about this highly speculatory blog.  

-Mr. One HS