It has been 7 years since the Halo movie was cut off even though it was very close.  Movies like Elysium came from Neill Blomkamp , the original director for the Halo movie.  Elysium was a near direct reference to Halo in many fields, some include the Ringworld (Obviously) and its underdog feel.  Well known producer Peter Jackson (Creater of the Lord of the Rings movies, Hobbit movies, executive producer to the Adventures of Tintin, District 9 and many other movies) also signed on for the movie in 2005, himself a Halo fan.  In 2007 the movie was declared dead after a budget of 120 million dollars and 3 years of work were lost.  

So my question is, how I asked in the title, when will we see Halo on the big screen?  Director Neill Blomkamp said in April of last year that he wishes to return to it and that it will eventually be made.  But when is will? Is will 2015 or 2016?  Maybe it is already filmed and it may hit the big screens in the fall of 2014.  Will it have the classic Halo feel or a more Halo 4 new and uncomfortable feel?  A little reminder to Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp if they are not already filming secretly, thank you. 


Coming to theaters... Three years ago.

Now on a personal note, I wish that it would be an infused film adaption of The Fall of Reach and Halo: The Flood.  If it was like this then it would need to be a movie series in order to make sure that it isn't a cliffhanger, and that would be great but unlikely.  If this was a single film, I would say a condensed version of The Fall of Reach and the three Halo trilogy games.  Please comment and leave your opinion.