There is 9 installments into the Halo series, All the way from the Original trilogy to spin-offs to the Reclaimer trilogy, but what about a game like Halo 3: ODST but you fight Insurrectionists? That idea was partially made in Halo Wars, where in multiplayer, Insurrectionist rebels were an environmental hazard. The Rebels would prove very inferior to a SPARTAN-II but what if this was another ODST game? These Rebel/UNSC skirmishes make up many prequels and beginnings to the books, but the spotlight has always been on the Covenant. Many casual gamers don't even know that there are Insurrectionists in the storyline, or that the Spartans were originally conscripted to combat them. A game without Plasma grenades flying everywhere would be nice too. So possibly a game that took place around 2490s? If such a game was to be created, then we would want a ton of technology that was available during the Original Trilogy, so it had a Halo feel, of course.

Many fans that have at least read Halo: The Fall of Reach liked the Spartans against Insurrectionists and I wouldn't be against the idea either. Perhaps a game where you, an ODST, fought against heavily armed rebels while in a few missions, Spartans showed up to give very large amounts of help. Also, cool vehicles wouldn't hurt at all, the public is crazy for fun vehicles anyway. Does anyone remember how in Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn, there is the video that Sully is viciously trying to decipher? Maybe a game like this could end with that firefight, where the ODST for once is trying to save the Insurrectionists and flee from the inevitable, an ironic twist on how he is saving the same people he hated so much.

Does that sound like a game with the Depth and Dramatic ending that Halo: Reach had? Please comment and leave your opinion on how an ODST vs Insurrectionists game would fit you.