A popular controversial topic to Halo fans is who would win,  the Galactic Empire that held a grip on the galaxy for 20 years (with a tier one/two technological advancement) in Star Wars or the Covenant Empire, that threatened all lesser species for over three millennia and humanity for over a quarter of the 26th century?  


A scale of Imperial, UNSC and Covenant vessels

With High Charity's diameter of 348 kilometers and the first Death Star's being 150 km and the second at 900 km, at any point during the Galactic Empire's conquest, it could destroy High Charity with a single shot.  That being said, the Covenant fleet is completely unmatched with its supreme firepower and unlike Imperial vessels,  Covenant vessels have an energy projector.  Class CSO-Supercarriers such as the Long night of solace or the Sublime Transcendence are much more rare then the somewhat common capital ships known as Super Star Destroyers used by the Galactic Empire, so within the massive capital ship category, I think that the Imperials would have a quantity of ships over quality of their ships firepower.  Personally, I'm very torn between the two.  I would appreciate your thoughts on the subject.