Ok guys its Danielle here, i was thinking master chief has been the main protagonist for a couple halo games now, and alot of people think he's getting to old to destroy countless hoards of aliens.

To be honest i think master chief should end his story soon because he has went through so much for example

  • He has seen countless atrocities which would make any normal person go mad.
  • He has had to see almost all of his friends die.
  • And for all those who have seen halo 4's  prologue and epilogue you will know that the Master Chief has been mentioned as "mentally unstable ".

All these things have nearly destroyed John and i think that with 343 dragging him into a second trilogy its just a slow and painful death for our once great hero. Now dont get me wrong i always lived seeing the sexy green spartan kicking ass but i dont want the memory of master chief thrown away like one of 343's failed ideas. So the question i have really been thinking about is "Master chief would you rather go out with a bang, or as the over the top marketing scheme 343's development team want you to be. FABER (talk) 23:53, April 24, 2013 (UTC)