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    I know what you are thinking "another dude babbling about how bad halo 4 is". As the title said, Halo 4 is a good game, it`s just not a Halo game.I enjoyed playing HALO 4, I didn`t hate it, but some things didn`t feel like they come from the HALO universe.

    To start with:

    • The graphics of Halo 4s are excellent! truly impressive for the 360. However, the style is not halo. As seen in all the previous games, we experienced a gritty,crisp atmosphere with cool guns. Halo 4 is just to flashy and shiny.And whats the deal with all the Tron themed hard-light?(which is pretty,but not halo).
    • The Spartans don`t look like Spartans,but they look cool and have fantastic variances. But they reminded me of StarTrek more than anything.

    And I don`t hate the Spar…

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    I want to start a discussion about which series of armor abilities(halo reach vs halo 4) is better. Questions: Which one is your favorite?

    which one is best in certain situations?

    Which is the least useful abilities?

    And what are good ideas for new armor abilities?

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